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Gamethread #54: Canucks vs Rangers

Canucks start their eastern road trip in the Big Apple against a really good Rangers team.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

I always marvel at the NHL schedule maker. They find ways to add excitement or screw with a team at certain times of the year. The Canucks won’t see a divisional opponent for the next 21 days. In fact all of those games will be against eastern opponents. The Canucks will have to have all the other teams do the dirty work before the playoff deadline.

Today the Canucks face a potential J.T. Miller buyer in the NY Rangers. New York is 16 point ahead of the 9th place team in the East, so it’s almost guaranteed that they are in and are looking for ways to get out of the Metro division. Miller would definitely help them. But until that day comes....Miller and the Canucks PP need to keep being productive. The Rangers have one of the best PP in the league and will more than likely score one on the crappy Canucks PK. (Jinx!)

I’ll be honest...I don’t want anyone traded right now. I want to see how this group does this year. If they don’t get to the playoffs, there is always the draft to make a deal for Brock. It would be nice if he could get to 30+ goals again.

Nice early Sunday start for today. Sit back...grab a beer and get ready to yell at the screen.

Go Canucks Go!