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Gamethread #50: Canucks vs Sharks

Vancouver heads into San Jose for a very, very....very important game,

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

See the guy in the picture above.....yeah, that guy. The only reason that guy is still in a Canucks uniform is the fact this team has stayed relevant when it comes to the playoffs. This Olympic break, that then disappeared once players couldn’t go, has led to the teams in the division catching up in games played. We now have a better idea where the Canucks actually stand.

Realistically, the Canucks are 9 points behind a playoff spot. The next 4 games are against divisional opponents. The Canucks need 3 wins to keep Miller in a Canucks uniform. They could keep him longer as after those 4 games, the Canucks don’t play a divisional opponent until March 19th.....but that might be pushing it.

The Sharks are a team that have struggled to compete after Jumbo Joe and the other Joe left. They have talent, but are inconsistent like the Canucks. They have some vets that make too much money and just can’t produce like they used to. And yet, the Canucks have struggled against mediocre teams this year.

I cheer for a win, but also know that this Canuck team will have to change in a major way somewhere down the road. Hopefully J.T. can get a hattrick and add all the value he can before he goes.......or maybe it will be Brock who is on the plane out?

Go Canucks Go!