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Gamethread #49: Canucks vs CoTU

Vancouver looks to get a win against some team from out east.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Our beloved team’s last game was terrible. The game before that was beautiful.

That has been the year so far.

Tonight is one of those nights where you forget about everything else that has occurred during the year and focus on the evil that is in front of you.

Although physics would disagree, the Center of the Universe moved itself to Vancouver today. The CoTU is statically better than the Canucks in every way this year (almost) and the “unbiased” national media will constantly remind you of that as well.

But the Canucks and the CoTU were pretty evenly matched in the Canadian division last year. And as I will always remember, the CoTU lost to an emergency backup goalie once.

Frank Gunn

So I hold out hope for a Canucks team to rise up and beat the evil that has come into town and resume their .500 ways for the year.

Go Canucks Go!