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Gamethread #46: Canucks vs Preds

The road trip moves to Tennessee for the Canucks

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This is the time of the year where it feels like we are limbo. The Canucks could still make the playoffs if everything started clicking. This team could be slightly dismantled if things don’t click. The winning of games seems to be the more fun of the two. I wouldn’t call last game “clicking” but a win is a win.

The Preds surely remember the last time the Canucks came into town and beat them 3-1. I think after the first few games under Boudreau, we kind of thought the Canucks were going to be more free-wheeling and score goals. But Bruce has this team playing a tight-checking road style that leads to a lot of low-scoring, 1 goal games. Secondary scoring is an issue for the Canucks and so it doesn’t surprise me that Garland’s name pops up in trade talks. Podkolzin is only 3 goals behind Garland and has been sneaking up the lineup (until last’s night scratch). Garland’s contract might not be the one people want to get rid of, but other teams would take it.

Welcome to February Canucks fans. The team only has 10 games this month so realistically they need 7 wins to keep themselves in the playoff picture.

Yes...yes it is.

Go Canucks Go!