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Gamethread #26: Canucks vs Canadiens

Canucks look for a much needed win against Montreal

NHL: MAR 10 Canadiens at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Canucksland has been a buzz since the drama of Saturday. Beggsy wrote an article about the Boeser drama and it seems we might be seeing the final few games of The Flow in a Canucks jersey. If that’s true, then let him score a hat trick every night until he is gone. And let it begin against Les Habitants de Montreal, because they beat the Canucks soundly last time they played.

Of course, if Boeser keeps scoring hat tricks, then he can stay right here with his $6.5 million a year contract until the deadline.

Some are saying that this team will be picked apart this year and rebuilt....I will believe it, the moment Brock is gone.

Until about some wins? Now.

Go Canucks Go.

I hate late starts.