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Quinn’s Questions (New Year’s Eve Edition): What Was Your 2022 Highlight?

As 2022 comes to an end, we ask you to reflect on the year

Seattle Kraken v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Quinn’s Questions is a feature where you the fans tell us your thoughts, through your vote and hopefully in the comments, as well. It’s named after Quinn Hughes, Pat Quinn, or both, depending on your age and era.

Results of Previous Quinn’s Questions: If Horvat îs traded, would you name Elias Pettersson the next captain?

Yes - 73%

No - 27%

This is right around where I expected it to be — a decisive victory for Petey. I’m sure if I asked this time last year, the results would have been switched, if not even more lopsided. What a difference a year makes.

Folks, it is just about the end of 2022. And what a year it has been.

As is standard practice in Canucks land, it’s been a bit of a chaotic year. From the ‘Bruce There It Is’ run for a playoff spot early, to the resurgence of Elias Pettersson towards the end of 2021-22 into 2022-23, to the JT Miller saga to the Bo Horvat saga (sense a theme?), there have been no shortage of talking points.

What I am asking you to do, dear readers, is reflect on your favourite moments of 2022. There is no poll this week; instead, I want you to comment with your favourite Canucks happening of the year. It could be what entertained you the most, what was most intriguing, or what you found the most interesting.

Let me throw out a few suggestions, in case you’re having a hard time remembering what happened. These ridiculous seasons tend to blend together after a while.

The whole JT Miller, will-he-won’t-he drama was certainly fun to follow, if a bit frustrating at times. I think the way it ended sucked, to be frank, but hey, hard to fault you if it was your 2022 highlight. Watching JT have a 99-point season as the deadline came and went, and the summer came and went, was the stuff of soap operas.

Maybe you love the Elias Pettersson resurgence. It was really looking like Petey might max out as a pretty good player rather than a star, particularly in the final chapters of 2021. Seeing him become a full-fledged superstar once again has been a huge relief, not to mention entirely breathtaking on the ice.

Perhaps you love goalies, in which case, the Spencer Martin emergence at the start of the year may be up your ally. That sure was fun. Maybe you’re a nerd about contracts and cap space; for you, I would recommend the Travis Hamonic-Travis Dermott swap(s) around the trade deadline. If you’re a huge Kevin Bieksa fan, you’re in luck, because Kevin Bieksa night was this year and it was fun to recognize his time as a Canuck. I could go on: the building out of the front office and the diversity of hires, the landing of Andrei Kuzmenko, fresh new Reverse Retro jerseys, the roaring start of Bo Horvat this season — there’s been some cool stuff.

My selection is ultimately the induction of Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Robert Luongo to the Hockey Hall of Fame. I grew up watching these guys, and seeing them all get honoured — at the same time nonetheless — was just so cool. They are all so deserving and such great Canucks. A part of me thought that the committee would Big Brain this and make them wait a few years. I am so glad they made the right choice and recognized these three fine gentlemen, and it was certainly my favourite Canucks moment of 2022.

So, let me hear your thoughts. It’s a special, New Year’s, open forum edition this week. What moments made your 2022 from a Canucks perspective? What will we remember years from now? While you’re at it, tell us what the dumbest moments, most frustrating moments, or funniest moments were as well. I want to hear about the full range of human emotions.

It’s been a wild 2022, and here’s to a great 2023. Happy New Year to all our loyal readers!