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Wake With Elias: Travis Green Fails in Spengler Cup and WJC Updates

The Travis Green-coached Team Canada went winless at the Spengler Cup, and some Canucks updates from the WJC.

Spengler Cup Davos 2022 - Day 2 Photo by Jari Pestelacci/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Canucks News

  • I suppose it’s maybe a stretch to call this Canucks news, but considering he was the team’s coach not that long ago, I say it fits. Listen, I didn’t watch or follow the Spengler Cup like, at all, so I’m perhaps not the guy to comment. But this is awful optics. Certainly pulling a single win out of this tournament should not have been a challenge. I was always a bit of a Green truther and that with a better roster he could be a successful NHL coach. Now, though? I’m starting to question that assessment. Maybe he was part of the problem in Vancouver.
  • It hasn’t been a great few months for Jonathan Lekkerimaki since the Canucks drafted him, but he had himself a solid night at the WJC. You love to see it.
  • And here’s the play that led to the OT winner for Sweden. Good mix of tenacity and awareness. It hasn't been a good tournament for him, but perhaps he turns things around from here. For the sake of the Canucks, he better. There’s not much beyond him in the pipeline!
  • An unfortunate break for Elias Pettersson defense edition. He seems to be okay, but may be worth keeping an eye on this. He’s a had a good tournament, too, so hopefully he’s alright.
  • And in some positive injury news: Travis Dermott has finally been activated off IR. The blue line could use any sort of help, so hopefully he can step in and make a difference.
  • And if you missed our coverage, the Canucks had a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Winnipeg Jets. Disappointing but predictable, is perhaps how I’d put it. Kuzmenko and Garland were the scorers for Vancouver.

Hockey News

  • It makes you think, doesn’t it. Bedard sure has looked good. Maybe his hometown team should make a run at him.
  • Another great honour for Marie-Philip Poulin. Well-earned. Congratulations!
  • This is honestly very funny — the Maple Leafs decided to travel like, two hours before the CBA mandated travel deadline. Listen, I get it — you negotiate for certain things, and you have to enforce it. But it’s still hilarious.
  • And Sidney Crosby has been named to the Order of Canada. A well-deserved honour for someone who has certainly contributed to Canadian culture. Congratulations to Sid the Kid.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores and news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • We continue to follow the Nathan Rourke saga closely — and it looks like it could maybe come to an end in early 2023. Very interested to see where he goes. If he stays, it will be a defining BC sports story, and if he leaves, I’ll be totally intrigued to see how he adapts to the American game.
  • And, of course, there is no shortage of NFL teams who could take an interest.
  • And an unfortunate injury for the Vancouver Giants (though it sounds like Honk could be back reasonably soon):