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Game Preview & Gamethread #25: Canucks vs Coyotes

Canucks try to halt a December losing streak

NHL: APR 14 Coyotes at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Let’s begin...

He still gets paid, right? 0 points in his last three games and some questionable....I mean obvious bad plays in his own the neutral zone and the offensive zone as well.

Of course we all knew this was coming..

Spencer Martin will be asking for more money very quickly as the back up is Collin Delia. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want him starting any games.

Here’s what this morning looked like...just scratch Boeser’s name out

The cries for tanking went from 5% to 95% very quickly on Twitter. Although nothing has changed in the standings over the past week. The Canucks are 5 points out of fourth and have some chances this month to get some points against division rivals.

The last two games have shown that the players still haven’t bought into playing a better defensive game in their own end. The extra pass in their own end....the hesitation in shooting the puck out....the lack of finishing a check to keep a man out of the play, have all lead to preventable goals being scored against them

I feel like I spent a lot of time in November waiting for someone to get traded and then the Nucks started playing well. The last two games were unexpected blowouts and showed a general lack of effort. The sitting of Boeser might not be a sign he gets traded specifically, but it is a shot across the bow for all that a couple more losses with bad play will likely led to someone big leaving town.

Arizona is a bad team. They have had so many issues from ownership down that it is understandable that they are bad and don’t have great expectations.

Unfortunately, Vancouver is also a bad team. I shouldn’t have to convince you. The record of this team over the past 8 years has shown time and time again that this team is average at best....but more often than not, they are below that. Fans like us get blinded by individual achievements and stats that say how good players could be if everything goes right. But as we should know by now, things never go right and the make up of this team has had trouble recovering from set backs.

Vancouver needs a win tonight. Actually, the Nucks need a blowout win. If the team is as good as its best players supposedly are, then a win should come easily. If they lose though, it is time to look at those untouchable players and ask how they became untouchable on a team that can’t win.

Let’s hope for a win.

Go Canucks Go!