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Gamethread #32: Canucks vs Kraken

Can the Nucks stay unbeaten against Seattle?

NHL: OCT 01 Canucks at Kraken Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So, I have been out of the loop for a week...what’s happening? 10 points out of 3rd place in December. I have seen this movie a few times. In the other prequels, the Canucks wait too long to make changes to the roster and their tradable assets get injured.

Kent and I don’t spend a lot of time agreeing on issues, but the one area we do agree on is that this team is not good enough to make the playoffs.

While some believe that Horvat and Brock can bring a picks and cap relief, I think the Canucks will have to take a hit if they really want to get rid of the bad assets like OEL and Myers. The Canucks will have to eat part of the salary of those two.

On a brighter note, the Canucks get a chance to gain 2 points on the 3rd place Kraken. Has it been said that the Canucks have not lost to the Kraken in the regular season? I am sure it has, so I am not the jinx. 5 out of the next 6 games in Dec are against division teams and I pointed out earlier this’s make or break time. Lots of crack in this team.

Besides the sieve of a penalty kill, the Canucks had a very hard time covering the front of the net between the hash marks. Seems like a weird place to not have a forward playing some defense. (Blues first goal) Hopefully a coach saw that and can convince the forwards to come back and play that 200 foot game I keep hearing hearing about.

Since I am back...a win would be nice.

Go Canucks go!