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Wake With Elias: Bieksa Returns as Offence Explodes

Kevin Bieksa officially retires and the Canucks score so many goals.

Anaheim Ducks v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Canucks News

  • The big theme of the night was the return of Kevin Bieksa. He signed a one-day contract to retire with the team, and it was nice to see him recognized. Certainly, he’s one of the better defenders in franchise history, and one of the more memorable characters.
  • Here’s a video of Bieksa actually signing the contract alongside Patrik Allvin. This is pretty wholesome stuff.
  • Drance on what Bieksa apparently spoke about with the team. Listen, I’m generally a pretty big skeptic regarding “good in the room” type stuff — I tend to think it’s just hockey man nonsense made up to sign The Boys and other adjacent tough guys. But certainly, I think there’s something to having guys like Bieksa who can lead on and off the ice. Obviously I can’t speak to current locker room dynamics, but it feels like there’s a little bit of that missing.
  • Anyways, on to the ice, where the Canucks beat the Anaheim Ducks 8-5. There were so many goals scored, guys. It was nuts. Kuzmenko scored a hat trick. Petey had five points. Bo scored twice. Listen, I know the Ducks aren’t good, but that was fun as hell.
  • Kuzmenko got the belt after the game. What a nice addition he’s been. Very tidy work by Jim, Patrik, et al. He’s such a fun character to have around, and I hope he keeps it out.
  • And a happy belated birthday to Luke Schenn! On the note of character guys, he does appear to be one of them.

Hockey News

  • Calgary Flames broadcaster Rick Ball on his blood clot recovery. Ball was a top notch broadcaster in his Canucks days, so I’m super glad to hear he’s doing well after this.
  • On a night when the Canucks honour Bieksa, the Oilers are doing something similar with more fan favourite types Ryan Smyth and Lee Fogolin. Good for those guys, and especially Smyth who many refer to as the Oilers’ version of Trevor Linden.
  • There are a lot of new changes and innovations coming to the PHF this year, and Hailey Salvian takes a look at them. I’m glad to see the league taking these steps and hope it leads to further growth.
  • And Torts rips into Toronto media for being mean to Sheldon Keefe for... Some reason? I honestly don’t know why he did this, but it’s pretty funny. Keefe of course is probably the one coach on more of a hot seat than Bruce at the moment.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores and news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • Vancouver was announced as the host of the 2024 Grey Cup! If you’ll recall, the last Grey Cup the Lions won (2011) was also when Vancouver was the host.
  • Rick Campbell spoke ahead of the Lions’ playoff game this Sunday. Game is at 1:30 against the Stampeders at BC Place. Looking forward to it! Get tickets if you’re in the area.
  • And on a more serious note, former Whitecaps coach Bob Birarda has been sentenced to sixteen months less a day of jail time, plus eight months of probation. This sentencing centres around sexual assault offences he committed over a couple of decades. Seems light to me, but I’m not a legal expert. I’m just glad some justice was served.