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Gamethread #11: Canucks vs Ducks

The Canucks look to start a new win streak vs Anaheim

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

“The Vancouver Canucks have the possibility to be a good team.”

This is a true statement for most team that don’t make the playoffs. The issue as I see it is that statement is used time and time again since 2011 and the team has yet to really show it.

I understand the frustration. I am ready for this team to be good again. And the funny thing is, I think the players are ready as well. It’s weird to see how the Nucks played better as a team without Quinn Hughes in the lineup, but at the same time this pattern has occurred many times when one of the Sedins was out.

This team can not stay the way it is. You could say that the team hasn’t had a chance to play the lineup we envisioned, but enough of the pieces have played in different situations for me to see that something major needs to happen. The management has said the word rebuild and time and therefore must be thinking about re-making this team. I can accept that. Many of the media and social media won’t, but they need controversy to get interaction, so a re-build benefits them as well.

Another team that is actually rebuilding is Anaheim. They too, could be a good team in a couple years. But right now, they are struggling. Not as much as the Canucks, but struggling none the less. Their PP and PK is 2nd lowest in the league. And yet they have one more point than Vancouver. Anaheim also owns the Canucks when it comes to wins over the past 10 games...the Canucks have only won twice.

Management has already made two minor trades and I have a feeling that a loss tonight might bring on a major one before the Nucks head out for a long roadtrip next week.

The Canucks need a couple more wins at home and let’s hope it starts tonight.