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Gamethread #23: Canucks vs Caps

Can the Canucks make it 4 wins in a row? We’ll see.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s where we’re at...

That’s a lot better than 3 weeks ago. 3 points out of 4th and 3rd place in sight. So I guess that buys Bruce and GMPA some more time to decide if this the team to stick with through Christmas.

Tonight the Canucks face the Capitals. The Caps have the same amount of points as the Canucks and also sit in 6th place in their division. They will spend the rest of the year battling Pittsburgh and the Rangers for 4th place in the division and maybe even a playoff spot. The Canucks lost the first meeting 6-4, but hopefully they can keep a better eye on Ovie tonight and keep him off the score sheet.

Let’s keep this short and sweet...

Go Canucks Go!