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Game Preview & Gamethread #21: Canucks vs Vegas

Canucks visit Sin City looking for 2 wins in a row

Vancouver Canucks v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by David Becker/NHLI via Getty Images

Take a look at this and admit that you thought these would be the top three teams

There is a simple reason for the failure of each of these team. This simple reason seems to be have been forgotten by most but once I show you the connection, you will be saying, “Fuck.I’m an idiot....Westy is right.”

  1. The reason is a person, and during their career they fucked Calgary over repeatedly. I’m pretty sure this person doesn’t go south of Red Deer when he goes back to Alberta.
  2. This person led Edmonton to multiple Stanley Cups and then he fucked them over and demanded a trade. The Oilers never won another Cup.
  3. This person joined the Canucks and got the captain traded and the coach and GM fired. The Canucks sucked during his time.

Incase you haven’t guessed it, the person is Mark Messier

The Messier jinx continues to this day as all three teams have no Cups.

Fuck Mark Messier.

I am not sure there is much to add after that. The Canucks go into Vegas tonight, looking to beat a better team. Vegas knows that they can spot the Canucks a couple goals and still beat the Canucks. Messier guarantees it.... fucking guy.

The only thing that I might guarantee is that Bo scores. He seems to score a lot. doesn’t love the Canucks and didn’t want to put out projected lineups for the game. I’m sure Bruce will come up with a couple good lines and a couple stinkers.

Enjoy the game tonight and remember......Fuck Mark Messier.