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Jimmi’s Conundrum: Why Do The Nucks Keep Blowing Leads - Games - Minds?

Why? Boxcar jimmi offers a hint of a clue. Almost.

NHL: NOV 21 Golden Knights at Canucks
Brock Blocks Nothing But Winning
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It has come to this. I recap games. I don’t analyze them.

And yet... here it is, Bruce. Analyze this.

Last night’s dreadful performance during the Nucks 7 minute R ’n R break in the 3rd period might be a clue to blowing the lead and game.

To be fair, the Nucks came out hard in the 3rd and scored 3 unanswered goals in just over 6 minutes. Game is over. Done and won.

So they took a well-deserved R ’n R break - during the period. Need to research the NHLPA fine print for mandatory union breaks in game.

30 seconds later the Nighties scored. Yet, the Nucks kept the puck watch ethos until they lost the lead. Then got back on their worn out score-horse and watched how a good team closes out a lead.

How did this happen - again?

Could be new union break rules being beta-tested by the Nucks, because... Nuck luck.

Or it could be that the combo of sub-average D corp, Demmers, at key moments playing like the 2nd worst goalie in the NHL and highly-paid, sharp shooters who only want to earn their money at the shooting end of the ice.

Not a good combo for winning games that you think you’ve already won.


I’m not a statistician - don’t even play one on the internet. Took an advanced stats class, but was distracted by watching hockey and the squirrels. Mainly the squirrels.

The old Plus/Minus stat is antiquated by modern methods that Westy gives lectures about in practice rinks in the tropics.

However, when the discrepancies between the Plus players and the Minus players are so wide you could drive a 3 goal lead through it, perhaps there’s some validity.

The top Nucking players, both with +7 are Pete and Schenn. Not only does Pete have the most points of any Nucking forward, Schenn has the most goals on the Nucking D.

A coincidence?

Don’t think so. Pete is the best defensive forward on the team - he wants to win, not just score. Schenn want to win too - all the puck and board battles.

Nucking Top 10:

Nucking Bottom 10:


While Bess is a King-Slayer, with 6 fewer games is tied with Millsie as the worst defensive forward on the team. Defensively lazy or enjoy making stupid lazy plays to get the NM crowd into it?

So you know, Bo is a Minus-2. Not horrible...but 200 foot Bo isn’t tattoo’d on his C.

Since Bruce can’t motivate Brock, Millsie, and Stillman to play better in their own end, it’s up to us.

To pressure Alvin and Chipmunks to trade them stat.

Or... just make Pete’s line the matchup line - because they care about winning - at both ends of the ice. And get Demmers into Clark’s Advanced Goalie Confidence Clinic - stat.

Please leave any comments that could motivate the slacking Nucks to close out games below.

Your inspiring comments will be forwarded to the Canucks Motivation and Winning Culture Center.

Unfortunately the CMWCC is closed for renos - but as soon as it re-opens (in 2028) they’ll be keen to review your suggestions and apply it to the next Nucking Cup run - in 2049.