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Gamethread #19: Canucks vs Vegas

Can the Canucks make it 3 wins in a row tonight?

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we should cheer for regression. Not the Canucks regression, as they have been bad, but cheer for Vegas’s regression as they have been on fire this year. Vegas sits atop of the Pacific after a blistering start to the year. Vegas has done this with mediocre special teams. Their 5vs5 play is pretty damn good as they are +13 while the Nucks are -3.

The Nucks have a very tough week as they face Vegas twice and Colorado once and finish against San Jose on Sunday. The most Canucks thing would be the Nucks beat Vegas once and beat Colorado, to only lose to the Sharks.

The trade rumors continue to swirl and this week’s schedule should be make or break for a player or two and maybe a coach.

But a win tonight would bring more hope that the start was a terrible blunder that can be all corrected and the Nucks will storm back to make the playoffs and win the Cup.

Let’s see if a Bill Murray GIF brings a win for the team.

Go Canucks Go!