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Gamethread #18: Canucks vs Kings

Canucks come home to face the Kings

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Did you feel like we’re just hanging around here, waiting for the other skate to drop? The Canucks have been terrible this year and it’s now the time of year where a change has to occur if management really wants this team make the playoffs.

8 points behind Seattle and a really tough rest of November have brought up the question, “Can the Canucks afford to go 3-3 in their remaining games this month?” If they went 3-0-3, it might be ok. They have games against LA, Wash, Colorado, San Jose and 2 against Vegas. Some would argue that a 1-5 record would be the realistic result (I might be part of “some”).

Tonight is the first meeting between the Canucks and Kings. The Canucks took two out of three from the Kings last year. This year, the Kings have a team that is average in many ways, like special teams and goaltending, but they have found ways to win games and are in 2nd place in the Pacific.

The Nucks really are playing to keep this team together at this point. The paper team that had talent, skill and youth, is about to be torn apart unless they can get some convincing wins over some good teams.

Go Canucks Go!