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Game Preview and Gamethread #16: Canucks vs Boston

Game 4 of the road trip leads Vancouver into Bawstin

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I wonder if the Canucks even took their equipment off before getting out of Boston. They should have just slept in them and reveled in the smell of losing. I can only image the frustration in the locker room. This team is actually scoring goals. We’ve complained about this team lacking scoring for years and when they finally get the touch back.....they can’t stop other teams from scoring.

Let’s talk about the 2nd defense pairing for this team. OEL and Myers should not be together. OEL is slow and Myers doesn’t want to skate up with the puck. Neither one is a physical presence except for their height. Those two on the PK together can not rotate fast enough when teams pass around the outside. The 2nd goal was OEL’s fault....100%.

If this team can’t win out the road trip, there will be changes coming. Changing coaches is always an option if Frankie wants to spend more money. I don’t think OEL or Myers will leave unless a first round pick goes with them. And this is not the year to give away your first round pick. Brock is under-performing with his new contract. He looks lost most nights...and slow. Bo is the obvious choice as he is scoring like crazy and is one of the best at faceoffs. His value has to include a 1st round pick at this point.

Heading into Boston today after losing last night is like having a hangover and a marching band wakes you up. Boston is good...really good. Like, haven’t lost at home good. They have the best PK in the league (take notes Bruce) and a top 10 PP. David Pastrnak is having himself a season and the team knows how to play team defense.

I will admit that it is hard to watch games lately. The Canucks getting out to a lead brings no joy as there is a high chance they blow it. If a team gets up two goals, then the game is pretty much over. I have become jaded.

Having said that....I really hope they end Boston’s winning streak at home. Beating Boston usually brings joy and some confidence for 24-36 hours.

Go Canucks Go!