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A Triangle and one PK does not work with this team. Stop it.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

If the title of the post didn’t give away the ending, let me say it again....

A triangle and one penalty-killing system has not worked with this team all year.

It needs to stop....NOW.

EXHIBIT #1 - Opening night Canucks vs Oilers

Canucks lose the faceoff and the puck moves to the left hand side. Oilers drop a guy by the net, have a bumper and the two others find seems. Canucks player at the top literally has to shift around three possible players. Top of the triangle is responsible for the bumper.

Puck moves down to the Oilers player by the net and all the Canucks start collapsing, but fail to pick up a player.

Puck moves across quickly to Oilers player on the right, who scores very easily since no one is there to cover him.

EXHIBIT #2: Canucks vs Canadiens Nov 9

Canadiens win faceoff. Man sets up by the net and also a bumper.

Canadiens wings spread out and the bottom man gets in behind the bottom of the Canucks triangle. Basically three guys on the Bumper....screening the goalie.

Pass over to the wing and no one is close enough to pick them up.


This system sucks.

Our forwards are not fast enough to recover against smooth quick passing and the system doesn’t seem to have players close enough to the wings to stop shots or quick passes across the seems.

That’s it. That’s the post.