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Gamethread #10: Canucks vs New Jersey

The Canucks look for 3 wins in a row against the Devils

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Thank God that October is over. 7 losses in a month is a tough thing to swallow and still have space for Halloween candy. The ending of the month was unexpected with all of the injuries this team has, but maybe that’s what it takes some times. Players have to embrace a system instead of waiting for the top players to carry the team. The 4th line has been a pleasant surprise and I noticed that gets said quite often over the past couple years. That’s probably due to the fact that this team struggles to run three good lines.

The top players for this team are at a point per game pace so far, but team defense has been the issue for years and continues to be the issue. Demko and Martin can’t win every game for this team. Special teams are special alright. PK is worst in the league still....but I will give props to the PP for getting back to 25%.

Tonight the Canucks face a New Jersey that just got tired of losing. Booed during their first home game seemed to have an effect on the players, as they now have a 6-3 record and are 2nd in the Metro division. The Devils are a tight defense team that allowed the fewest shots per game in the league (21.7). They also have the 4th best PK in the league. The Canucks will have their work cut out tonight.

Quinn Hughes is back to face brother.

And newest Canuck, Ethan Bear will be in the lineup.

Let’s go for three in a row!