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Preseason Recap: NUCKS WIN! Shutout AZ Tonics 4-0

This is the tonic Nucks would like every 2nd game

Arizona Coyotes v Vancouver Canucks
Sniping Pete Is Ready To Go
Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

There are no easy games in pro hockey. Pro hockey has a preseason. There are no easy games in the preseason.

Until tonight.

The Yotes, who are likely to change their moniker to the Arizona Tonic, are the team we wish the Nucks could play (at home) 25 times a year. At NM we enjoy our gin and tonic. Not as much as rum and running it, but still.

This was a great tonic to close out the ultimate game of nothing.


Demmers gets his 1st SO of the preseason. Tricky as he only faced 7 shots all game.

Nucks got so much PP practice Bruce had to create a 4th and 5th unit on the fly. Sure getting 1 goal on 10 power plays isn’t ideal, but the Tonic took so many penalties that some mercy shooting might have been required.

The Nucks opened the scoring early in the 1st - on the PP.

Dakota makes it 2-0 after a nice giveaway and go play.

The really good news for those who prefer an effective depth defenseman than a slow center, Allvin delivered the big news. The NM Cap Accounting Department will be relieved.

Pete put a corner-picking laser on the board. Wow!

And to make the zero-to-here motif complete, Kuz came out of the box and onto the scoreboard.


Nucks could have had a 10-0 meaningless win. Oh well... there’s always next preseason.

This would have been a fun game to attend. Or watch on TV, no matter that Kent says radio is better for consecutive imagined hatties.


Gnarland got crunched between two Tonic players and left the game. The Fear Factor at NM HQ rose to 99.2 awaiting the diagnosis of concussing cusses.

That bad news didn’t arrive. Yet. Bruce said post game that he didn’t think the Faeries would be taking another forward out to the injury farm.


A preseason presser with the GM in-game? Haven’t seen that before.

Allvin gets us up to date with trade news, the faery report and more.

Kuz having fun in his 1st presser - but might want a more sympathetic translator than Podz.

Bruce likes his new sniper. And enjoyed the Tonic tilt.

That’s a wrap.

Preseason faeires have had a big run. Hope they realize they’ve used up the November quota. I hope.

As is the weakest of NM traditions, one last preseason mean-nuttin’ poll.


Are the Nucks Ready To Rock the Reg?

This poll is closed

  • 25%
    There it is! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    (8 votes)
  • 21%
    Totally! 1st game is in AZ, right?
    (7 votes)
  • 31%
    Sure, just don’t play the 1st 5 games on the road.
    (10 votes)
  • 15%
    Maybe. The 1st 5 games on the road are just part of the extended preseason.
    (5 votes)
  • 6%
    Rock the ROG? Rock the boat? Roll with the poll?
    (2 votes)
32 votes total Vote Now

One nothing season ends and another begins next week. Our preseason optimism period is over and the grind of 82 is about to develop, unravel or ramp up to the post season.

Enjoy the road grind to possible glory.