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Wake With Elias: Trudeau Speaks on Hockey Canada and We Have a Dog Now

Prime Minister Trudeau spoke forcefully against Hockey Canada and Ryp the Dog joins the Canucks family.

The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Canucks News

  • After taking fan input for the name, the Canucks announced their new team dog! His name is Ryp, in honour of course of the late Rick Rypien. I like the name, and he seems like a very good dog. I hope we see more of him throughout the season.
  • Here is the rest of his litter. Some cute names here too. I wonder how Daniel feels that he didn’t get a dog named after him while Henrik did. Some drama brewing there I’m sure.
  • Tyler Myers was out at practice today. While we don’t know why, it may ne worth keeping an eye on. If he’s out, it would be a devastating early blow to the team. Myers is far, far from a perfect player, but still, there aren’t many options!
  • Boudreau on EP. Pettersson’s looked good in the pre-season, and hopefully that bodes well for his start to the season. Confidence wise, he can’t afford another slump to begin the season, and I’m optimistic he’s gonna come roaring out the gates.
  • And on a similar note, the Canucks seem to be giving some younger players more leadership responsibility. Good! They’re not that young anymore, and for all intents and purposes, it’s their team. Glad they’re taking on a bigger role, seemingly.
  • And Craig Button on if the pre-season matters. People have had spicy takes on it, but honestly, I don’t really care. I truly don’t think it matters. Pre-season is a mix of tweeters, prospects, and NHLers, so to judge the whole club on it seems silly, in my view.

Hockey News

  • The hockey world was dominated by Hockey Canada yesterday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke forcefully against the organization, even going so far as to threaten to replace it. It’s a pretty serious step by the PM, and after a pathetic week for Hockey Canada, it feels like things are finally collapsing in on them.

(Please don’t tell me your opinion on Trudeau or vaccines or whatever in the comments. I don’t care.)

  • Trudeau also spoke on Quebec Hockey’s decision to withhold funding from Hockey Canada. Between federal, provincial, and corporate bodies taking away funding, there’s not going to be much left soon. Good! The term “F*** around and find out” has been thrown around quite a bit, and with good reason. Actions (and inaction) have consequences, and they’re finally feeling it.
  • Like I said, corporations are pulling out of Hockey Canada deals — most drastically, Canadian Tire, who is not just pausing as many have done, but permanently severing ties. It’s a huge step, and one that is sure to draw some attention to it.
  • In some better news of relevance to Canucks fans, Jake Virtanen’s PTO has come to an end.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • It’s a big weekend for the Vancouver Whitecaps, who play a win-and-you’re-in game this Sunday. It’s amazing that they could very well make it to the post-season. What a weird, scrappy group.
  • Not often we say this, but it’s a big baseball time for Vancouver. Who are you supporting in the Toronto Blue Jays-Seattle Mariners? I’m a Mariners guy myself. Partially because I love the sad teams. But let us know your allegiance in the comments.
  • And in some municipal election shenanigans, someone is promising to bring back the NBA to Vancouver? I don’t think Mayors can unilaterally bring in an NBA franchise, but good luck I guess to Fred Harding.