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Predicting Point Totals for every Canucks player in 2022-23

We are back with more infallible predictions. You’re welcome!

Los Angeles Kings v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

The regular season is right around the corner, and with that, the Nucks Misconduct crew has come together to predict how many points each Canucks regular will score in 2022-23.

We did so well last year (check it out below), that we simply could not help but do it again and bless you with our brilliant foresight.

For the sake of being organized, we only included skaters we were quite certain would be everyday players, or close to it. So if you’re here looking for our Tucker Poolman or Dakota Joshua insights, well, I'm sorry, but not really. We also didn’t include goalie points. Again, if you were waiting for spicy Thatcher Demko assist predictions — tough luck. Let us know your own thoughts. Are we on point? Are we out to lunch? Let us know, as always.


JT Miller

Markus - I think 99 points will be almost impossible to replicate, so anything will feel like failing expectations. That said, I suspect we’re talking about a point-a-game-ish player here still, so I’ll say 85 points for the newly signed Miller.

Westy - You know what guarantees a high point total? Well.....not usually signing a new contract, so hopefully JT can break that curse. I think Miller has a significant drop just because Petey plays better and get more time. 80 points

jimmi - Millsie, according to Huggie, has not peaked. So that’s 101 points right there.

Beggsy - Patrik Allvin already admitted that Miller played too much last season. The newly-signed centre should also see a slight dip in power play production after trailing only Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl in man advantage points last season. 87 points.

Kent- I think there’s a slight dip, but only because he won’t be pulling the majority of the offensive load again this season. 92 points.

Harsunder - I expect JT Miller to come back down to earth a bit this season, but I do still envision him scoring at close to a point-per-game pace. 75 Points.

NM AVERAGE: 86 points.

NHL: FEB 09 Islanders at Canucks
Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson (40) celebrates after scoring a goal against the New York Islanders during their NHL game at Rogers Arena on February 9, 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Elias Pettersson

Markus - That he ended pushing 70 points despite an atrocious start last year is actually pretty amazing. Honestly, that feels like a floor this season. I think we could finally see him hit the next level, seeing that he seems to have worked through the mental side of the game. I’m going to say a generous 92 points.

Westy - Now let’s talk about the 2nd to last year of a contract...that usually means big point production, which leads to tons of discussion about free agents years and $10+ million/yr contracts. A healthy Petey will thrive. 99 points

jimmi - My ‘associates’ might claim they’re being generous while being honest hard-nose-ringed hockey savants. In this wildly inflationary era, anything less than 100 points from Petey isn’t generous at all, stingy bastards.

Beggsy - If Petey isn’t going to smash through the point-per-game mark this season, will it ever happen? 88 points.

Kent- This team is loaded with guys who have something to prove this season, and EP40 is one of them. With some high-flying Russian linemates, this could be the year that reminds the rest of the league just how good he is. 96 points.

Harsunder - Expectations are high for the Canucks this year, especially from an offensive perspective, and given that Elias Pettersson is the face of the franchise, I do expect him to finally break out this season as long as he remains healthy. 92 points

NM AVERAGE: 94 points

Bo Horvat

Markus - It flew under the radar, but the captain actually scored 31 goals last season! I saw he replicates that, and also improves on his pretty mediocre 52 points. Let’s say 61 points, and hopefully a new, affordable contract to go with it.

Westy - There seems to be an expectation that a contract year will be a big year for a player. That is some wishful thinking when it comes to Bo. He has been consistent in his consistency for all of these years. He gets his goals on the PP. 55 Points

jimmi - Capt’n, our Capt’n is going to be very motivated to make us all sign him to a McBigDeal with his projected 78.5 points season. I know, half points aren’t awarded. Yet.

Beggsy - Bo Horvat has found a sweet spot on the power play, which masks his middling 5-on-5 production. 53 points.

Kent- We better hope for some wizard-level GM action AND a huge increase in the salary cap, because the Cap’n is due for a hell of a year. Also, he’s better than Mat Barzal and people need to realize this. 80 points.

Harsunder - With Curtis Lazar in the fold now, the Canucks potentially have a center who can decrease the defensive load off of Bo Horvat. Horvat did break out offensively last year and managed to put up 31 goals, so with fewer defensive assignments, Horvat should definitely have more opportunities to thrive this season. 60 points.

NM AVERAGE: 64 points

NHL: SEP 29 Kraken at Canucks
Vancouver Canucks right wing Conor Garland (8) waits for a face-off during their preseason NHL game against the Seattle Kraken at Rogers Arena on September 29, 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Conor Garland

Markus - Last year felt underwhelming for Garland, and I think it’s because the hype was just absurd when he arrived. His 52 points feels only mildly low — for my money, he’s a second-line level producer, and I’ll say 56 points to reflect that.

Westy - I think the question for Conor this year is if he will be able to stay on the 2nd line to get more points or if he will fall into another long slump. There are a lot of hungry players waiting to play with Miller and Petey. Without major PP time, I don’t think Garland gets more than 60. fact he gets 49 points

jimmi - The angry elf in me wants Gnarland to become the league’s first 60-points-a-game player. So... angry... but in the shortened 60-mins-a-game season will settle for 62 points. Total.

Beggsy - I think I predicted that Conor Garland was going to get 70+ points last season...I didn’t account for the fact that he’d register next-to-no power play points. Still, Garland is an extremely effective player in the offensive zone. 61 points.

Kent - This guy had some of the absolute worst puckluck in the NHL last season. I can’t see how that continues. This year he finds different reasons to piss off opposition players. 60 points.

Harsunder - While Garland is one of the team’s biggest offensive threats at 5-on-5, his ice time might decrease with the increased winger depth. Still, Garland has a nose for the net and despite the possible reduced ice time, I fully expect him to produce at a rate somewhat similar to last season. 50 points

NM AVERAGE: 56 points

Brock Boeser

Markus - I called Boeser my bounce back candidate recently and I think that will be wholly reflected in his production. He’s back and all in now, and I think he’ll push 70 for 68 points.

Westy - What Brock will we get this year? Last year was a tough personal year and it led to him being a .5 point/game player instead of almost .8 point/game he had been. New contract.... fewer distractions and teammates staying should help him get past the 30-goal mark. Hand surgery goes against that line of thinking. 50 points

jimmi - Bess is our besst sniper. In this section of the forecast. He will pick corners at will wrist-willing and will might score 44 32 goals with 44 32 apples. That’s close to 64 points, right there.

Beggsy - Health is the biggest concern for Boeser. He should also bounce back at even-strength after scoring at a fourth-line rate during 5-on-5 play last season. 52 points.

Kent- I think Boeser gets a bit of a bum rap when it comes to production. I find it hard to believe many would be better considering what he’s had to endure the past few years, and even the wrist surgery can’t stop it. 65 points.

Harsunder: Not being in the lineup to start the season sucks for Boeser especially when you consider what he’s been through lately. However, Brock will certainly do everything in his power to play up to the best of his abilities, even despite the potential late start. 66 points

NM AVERAGE: 60 points

Tanner Pearson

Markus - I like Pearson, but he’s getting older, and with newly signed wingers (and some younger ones coming up, too) I think he sees a bit of a reduced role. I’ll go with a mild decline from 34 to 29 points.

Westy - Pearson has been dangled in front of teams for a while now because of the amount of wingers the Nucks have. I think the new Russians might lead to Pearson being gone before year-end. 14 points

jimmi - Westy is all highlander stinge on this very nice Pearson. Expect a canny 38 points from this wily not-that-old veteran.

Beggsy - This coaching staff loves Pearson, and he’s slated to play with Miller. Still, with winger competition increasing, it’s easy to see Pearson’s role decrease, if only slightly. 30 points.

Kent - Pearson’s in a pretty good spot, honestly. He’ll start the year playing with JT Miller, and that should help him produce at the same level as we saw last season. Come trade deadline time, regardless of what side of the line the Canucks are on, if he continues to contribute someone will take a chance on a guy with Cup experience, and if not, he’s got it to help the Canucks should they make the dance. 35 points.

Harsunder: Pearson is definitely a good supplementary player for the Canucks who coaches can use in all situations. But, with the depth the Canucks now have on the wings, I expect Pearson to primarily get bottom 6 ice-time. 32 points

NM AVERAGE: 29 points

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers
Vasily Podkolzin #92 of the Vancouver Canucks skates against the Edmonton Oilers during the first period at Rogers Place on April 29, 2022 in Edmonton, Canada.
Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Vasily Podkolzin

Markus - Podkolzin finished really well last year, and I think that will result in an increased role this season. I could see him being a Swiss army knife, all situations kind of guy, and with more ice time will come more points. I see him taking a big step to 41 points.

Westy - Teammates are impressed with his play and attitude. That will lead to Podz getting some 2nd line minutes. I know he can skate and shoot, but it’s his play-making skills and defense that will determine if he can stick there. I hope he can. 45 points

jimmi - Podz was trending higher as last season went on. Why stop a great trend? Why, indeed. Podz pots more and more for 64 points before he enters NM’s predictive lore.

Beggsy - Podkolzin’s impact is going to go beyond the scoreboard. 33 points.

Kent - Podz seems to be adjusting to the NHL game, and with EP40 and Kuzmenko, this could be a killer second unit for the Canucks. His potential for growth is huge, and he’ll get some PP looks, so expect a big year from the sophomore. 58 points.

Harsunder: With bigger offensive opportunities this year, I am hopeful that Podkolzin will be able to build on his strong conclusion from last season and take his game to the next level. 46 points.

NM Average: 47 points

Andrei Kuzmenko

Markus - I have no idea what this guy will do. 16 points wouldn’t shock me, neither would 60. Let’s split the difference and say 31 points. I think he’ll be a solid middle-six contributor, but I could be very wrong in either direction.

Westy - The unknown man. I always have my doubts about Russians that have spent years Russia. Call it the Krutov factor. 25 points seems like a safe bet.

jimmi - Westy makes a good point. And the cynic in me would agree. Last season. AK prefers, I’m sure, serving in the Canucking Army rather than that other one. 42 points will prove it.

Beggsy - I’m buying the preseason hype. Kuzmenko thinks the game at a high-level, and he’s slated to play with Pettersson. If he can steal a top power play unit role away from Boeser or even Horvat, I like his chances of surpassing 50 points. 47 points is my optimistically safe bet.

Kent- Fine, I’ll say it. This guy is a legit sniper, and until other teams clue in, he’s gonna turn some heads. 60 points.

Harsunder - We already have a small sample size from his games with the Canucks so far but if a player who has nifty hands and an absolute snipe of a shot is not going to put up points, I don’t know who is. 52 points

NM Average: 42 points

NHL: SEP 25 Flames at Canucks
Vancouver Canucks right wing Ilya Mikheyev (65) skates up ice during their preseason NHL game against the Calgary Flames at Rogers Arena on September 25, 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ilya Mikheyev

Markus - The profile here is more reliable, sturdy two-way winger than offensive juggernaut (despite what the high price tag suggests). I think he’ll be a second/third line staple, but probably racking up more PK minutes than most. I’ll say 32 points, and hope he provides surplus value elsewhere to justify a $4.75 million cap hit.

Westy - This is a guy who will be given every opportunity to play on the top two lines. Let’s hope he has soft hands to direct pucks in the net. 50 points

jimmi - With great PK responsibilities, comes great SH chances. Bury them all for 54 points.

Beggsy - Much like Podkolzin, I think Mikheyev’s impact will go beyond the scoresheet. Still, now that he’s making the big bucks, I’ll make a not-so-bold prediction that fans will be disappointed with his production. 28 points.

Kent- Mikheyev may not have the numbers of his fellow countrymen, but like Beggsy says, his worth will have as much to do with his work without the puck as with it. He’ll still put up a decent amount though, and that speed is going to be a delightful addition to the Canucks offensive arsenal. 40 points.

Harsunder- An impressive ability to take the puck to the net with speed is Mikheyev’s biggest asset but at the end of the day, the finishing ability is what matters, especially for a player who essentially has a shoot-first mentality. I expect Mikheyev to take some time to adjust to his new team but I am not expecting a disappointing season either. 42 points

NM Average: 41 points

Nils Höglander

Markus - Another guy I just don’t have a clear read on. He could bounce back big, or end up in Abbotsford. I’ll say he sticks around, but in a somewhat reduced role and puts up 27 points — not amazing, but still an increase.

Westy - I am not sure where he fits in now. 4th line minutes might be the area he thrives in against other 4th line players....or he gets traded. 20 points

jimmi - Again the realists in our midst want to resist our my pre-season unrealistic expectations. Hoagie knows what he must do. And he will. Realistically, that’s 49 points. No, really.

Beggsy - I believe in Hoglander, I just don’t think this coaching staff does. 15 points.

Kent- Whether it’s in Abbotsford or somewhere else, I get the feeling he doesn’t end the year with them. I hope he proves me wrong, as he’s a likeable guy. 24 points.

Harsunder - Perhaps the most polarizing player on the Canucks right now, Hoglander has been one of the few bright spots for the Canucks so far this preseason, but is that for sure enough to propel him into a top 9 group that is filled to the brim? We shall see. 26 points

NM Average: 26 points

Jason Dickinson

Markus - Dickinson was a huge letdown last season, but offence has never been his strong suit. He only got 11 points last season and see no reason to suspect huge growth. I’ll say 15 points.

Westy - who? 10 points for the ghost

jimmi - Ok, Diki makes this is a tough one. Last season’s dismal performance can only be blamed on a few things - poor deployment - poor development - poor skating - poor luck. Can only get less poor. So... that makes it 20 pints 0 points he richly might deserves achieve.

Beggsy - Who?

Oh, sorry, Westy already stole the punchline. 8 points.

Kent- How bad was this signing? Even if he were to double his production from last season, it still couldn’t be considered a win for the previous regime. Thanks, Jim. 18 points.

Harsunder - Honestly speaking, the word mediocre is best to describe Dickinson’s play with the Canucks so far in my opinion. Not the best player defensively by any means and with evidently a clear inability to generate scoring opportunities, I am unfortunately not expecting much. 12 points

NM Average: 13 points

Curtis Lazar

Markus - I really liked the Lazar signing — it was cheap, and he’s the kind of guy they should be targeting for a fourth-line centre role. I don’t expect a ton, but 22 points feels doable for a guy I think will be a regular all year.

Westy - A grinder who could score in juniors. 4th line minutes won’t resurrect that scoring touch. 19 points

jimmi - Oh sure, now the bonus points are given out like free rum shots at the NM lounge. Not that that has ever happened. But stealing the Sens 1st round pick feels like free rum all game thread long. With a matching 28-point chaser.

Beggsy - I’ll take a shot of rum every time Curtis Lazar scores this season. He screams surprise playoff OT hero... 16 points.

Kent - Lazar seemed to really start to develop into a far more effective role player last season in Boston than what was expected of him as a first round pick in Ottawa. He just feels like the kind of guy who is gonna become a fan favorite. 25 points.

Harsunder - Anyone remember how good this guy was in the World Juniors? By no means was Lazar brought in to be an offensive producer and he would most definitely not be deployed anywhere above the 4th line. However, the guy has shown in the past that he has decent offensive abilities and I’m not going to lie, the thought of him and Mikheyev rushing down the ice creating shorthanded opportunities is making me excited. 21 points

NM Average: 21 points


Quinn Hughes

Markus - He pushed 70 last year, and he just keeps improving. He’ll have more weapons, hopefully an improved power play, and plenty of ice time to produce. I say he pushes PPG status and finishes like, top 7 in Norris voting. 77 points

Westy - The man, the myth, the legend....who may have to learn to score from the right side. I wish he would shoot more....because if he does, good things will happen. 80 points

jimmi - It’s Huggie’s time to load up and pad the stats for Nucking D. Sure, he did that last season, but that was the appetizer, the prelude. This season’s 95 points will be closer to the main course.

Beggsy - The Canucks haven’t had three players register at least 80 points since Stan Smyl, Thomas Gradin and Darcy Rota did so in 1982-83. With Miller, Pettersson and Hughes, that drought ends this season. 82 points.

Kent - Right Side Quinn is gonna be the best Quinn. 86 points.

Harsunder - It will be interesting to see if the Canucks continue on with their experiment of trying Hughes on the right side, but if they do indeed keep him there, I am hoping that he and OEL can pull off what two other LHD partners, Edler and Ehrhoff did for the Canucks in the glory days, which was produce no shortage of offense. 81 points

NM Average: 83 points

Vancouver Canucks v Arizona Coyotes
Oliver Ekman-Larsson #23 of the Vancouver Canucks skates up ice against the Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena on April 07, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona.
Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Markus - OEL was solid last year, but moreso on the defensive end. He was a bit of a non-factor offensively. And quite frankly, I think low expectations (due to his contract) coloured our perspective — 29 points isn’t good enough! I say he improves a bit, but aging is a hell of a thing. 32 points.

Westy - OEL also needs to work on his shot. 3% shooting is brutal. If he stays healthy, this is the year that we might see him finally comfortable with his forwards. 40 points.

jimmi - Will we see Left-side EOL taking feeds from our almost freshly minted 95 point right-side guy? I do not know. But if he gets some more PP time, that’s 52 points from the line.

Beggsy - Under Bruce Boudreau, Oliver Ekman-Larsson scored at a 36-point pace last season. That number seems right for him entering this season. 36 points.

Kent - OEL was a pleasant surprise last season, in that he wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone thought. Sure, that contract is gonna look worse as time goes on, but with the right linemate, and smart usage, a solid season shouldn’t be a surprise. 44 points.

Harsunder - Playing with Hughes could help him rejuvenate his game and start producing at the level he did in Arizona. However, at the end of the day, if he will be playing with Hughes, I don’t expect OEL to be too crazy about jumping up in the play all that often. 35 points

NM Average: 39 points

Tyler Myers

Markus - Similar to OEL, Myers was perfectly fine overall, but 18 points for a guy who played a full season, and is purported to be mobile and have a big shot, is not good enough. Also like OEL, he’s not young. I’ll say a mild improvement to 26 points.

Westy - Myers had his best season as a Canuck last year. Not points wise though. I sometimes wish he would jump up more and use his smooth skating to create opportunities. He could be a 40 point d-man. But alas....23 points.

jimmi - Westy was the guy screaming in game threads about Mr. Myers’ ill-timed pinches. Or maybe it was me. Pretty sure the accent was tropical, tho. Pinching at the right time and less frequent visits to the summer cottage bin, will bring him, us or Westy, a tall 32 points.

Beggsy - Chaos Giraffe isn’t lighting up the scoresheet the way he used to. With no power play time in his future, expect that to continue. 19 points.

Kent- Much like OEL, his linemate and situational usage will be huge factors in him having another decent year. 25 points.

Harsunder - With Danny Dekeyser being released from his PTO, we are all still left scratching our heads about who Myers will have as his partner this year. While Myers does like to jump up in the play quite often, you have to take into consideration the fact that he’s on the wrong side of 30 now, and I just don’t expect his agility to improve by any means at all. 20 points

NM Average: 24 points

Los Angeles Kings v Vancouver Canucks
Luke Schenn is in line for another dose of top-four minutes this season.
Getty Images

Luke Schenn

Markus - This guy was on pace to outscoring the Chaos Giraffe last year. Pretty impressive, but I don’t think he’ll play as many minutes this year. I say he drops from 17 to 12 points. Still a perfectly fine total for Scheen. Offence from him is found money.

Westy - Luke Schenn scoring points is a bonus. 13 points.

jimmi - If our 95 points-to-be-D is on the left, then what’s left for Luke? A solid 14 points.

Beggsy - I like Markus’s strategy of preaching the truth into existence, but Luke Schenn unbelievably has a relatively clear path to top-four minutes once again. His scoring metrics at even strength suggested he was a little lucky to hit 17 points, but potentially playing with Hughes could pad his stats. 15 points.

Kent - Leadership, toughness and the odd feel-good goal. Sounds about right for a guy who won’t be in the lineup every night. 16 points.

Harsunder - Well Luke, maybe Hughes is occupied at the moment but how about the chance to play with and mentor another offensive D-man, Jack Rathbone? As Mr. Basky said above, the leadership, toughness, and strength are all there, but playing with an offensive D-man like Rathbone or perhaps even Hughes would bring out the points as well. 13 points

NM Average: 13 points

Travis Dermott

Markus - Dermott feels like he should score more than he does. He’s pretty slick on the ice, but his career high is 17 points. I feel like he has more upside, and I'll be super optimistic and say he bests that with 21 points.

Westy - Travis Dermott and points don’t seem to have a good relationship. 12 points

jimmi - I’m not willing to be super optimistic. I spent a season’s optimism already. 15 points, including a career-high hattie in the desert in April, in front of nearly 5,000 Mullett Arena paying fans. Pretty sure they pay.

Beggsy - Travis Dermott has a career-high of 60 games played in a season. If health permits, he should surpass that total in 2022-23. 13 points.

Kent- Dermott’s value isn’t what he brings offensively, and his health is a concern for sure. I do think he can get close to his career high if he does. 15 points.

Harsunder - Defensively sound, still young, and potentially eyeing a top 4 opportunity now with Danny Dekeyser being let go. Chance to produce some more offense. 16 points

NM Average: 15 points