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Preseason Recap: NUCKS WIN! Edge the Oil 5-4 - 1st Win Of The Nothing Season

NM Group Exhale Starts Now

Power Play Pete

Finally. The almost regular Nucking roster is on the ice. Me and some idiots, or maybe just me, sitting in the ROG waiting for the game to begin.

Very long wait.

Meanwhile out in Abbotsford, the tOil are facing down the almost regular Nucking roster to a full AHL house.

We don’t care that the Nucks haven’t won a game in the far too long preseason stretch. Not that we care, but the Nucks won a game. Woooo!!!


Nucks played to the end of the 3rd period. Closed out the game. That’s an improvement.

Petey is on it. Scored 2 PP goals.

Let’s watch them again.

GWG PP laser.

Pearson scored on the PP too on a tip from a sneaky Huggie feed. Also played Petey’s protector when Nemo-lying cheapshots were taken on Pete.

The Kuz/Petey/Podz line looked great too. Kuz covering for Brock on the PP could work all season long.

Nucks PP only needed 9 PP oppourtunities to score 3 PP goals. Although, Hoagie’s 1st goal of the game came at the end of a PP. So, we could say the Nucks scored 4 PP goals. That’s good.


Nucks gave up 2 goals while on the PP. Not saying we’ve seen this before. Just that we’ve seen this waaaaay too many times before.

Gave up too many high danger chances. Ask Spencer if he likes the danger.

Didn’t generate enough 5-on-5, but so what, when the PP is getting and giving goals like it’s Westy’s free rum toddy night.

Nurse’s dirty clothsline on Hoagie deserved a 5 Million Minute penalty. He got 4. Minutes.


Mr. Mehyers paired with Burroughs was not the solid defensive force we know them not to be. Nucking D is still meh. Unless there’s a late preseason meh-over, this D-line up could be our regular meh-D.

Oh well, that’s Demmer’s 60+ game problem, not Martin’s.

Bo wasn’t doing as much as a Capt’n could - regarding stepping up for teammates.

While the Nucks outshot the depleted Oil 30-20, Spenser didn’t have to make as many tough saves as the Skinnier guy - but were still a little too tough.


Bruce is getting pumped. Winning nothing is better than nothing.


Are you not entertained?

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  • 5%
    Yeah... no... Very Entertaining Win!
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  • 55%
    Very Satisfying Win - for the penultimate nothing of nothing season
    (10 votes)
  • 11%
    Entertained? Show Us The Cup. That’s entertainment.
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  • 27%
    Are you asking to affirm a negative in the positive or a positive negatively? Next question...
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Only one more nothing win game to go. The Yotes are in the ROG on Friday, even if I’m not.

Happy Times ahead. Maybe for us or maybe not. That’s why we watch and scream at the screen.