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Preseason Recap: ABBY NUCKS Lose With Dignity And Grace By Just 7-2

Another Preseason Game - Another Loss We Saw Coming

NHL: Preseason-Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers
Delia Stops McD - All Night!
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Monday Night Battle of the Hockey Leagues.

For the NHL, the fOilers. For the AHL, the Abby Canucks.

You’d think it would be a terrible mismatch. But not until later in the doesn’t matter period. For those who follow the game, believe they call it the 3rd. Or 2nd.

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is the Nucking AHL NHL coaching team get to see how the NHL Nucks will look come the Faery Infirmary portion of the regular season.

Not as bad as you’d think. If you squint just right.


Thanks to the smart, some might say, heroic play of Brisebois, the Nucks kept McD without a goal all game. Brisebois is NM’s fav D prospect. Or could have just been me. Pretty sure he was Beggsy’s pick, just after Schenn.

Seems like that only because Brise has been such a steadying influence the past 3 preseasons. Continuity. Many players fail to reach that level of steadiness.

In the 2nd with a tremendous burst of pent up PP futility, the Nucks find net on their 5th attempt. Hoagie took a great pass from Wolanin and snapped it passed the confused Oil goalie.

This was great. Our Brady Keeper - greatest NHL prospect name ever btw - made old #18 look lazy and stupid.

Wolanin, a possible disciple of the Briz, was in on both Nucking goals. So was Gnarly, who also tipped in the 2nd Abby Nucks goal. Gnarland was playing in the A tonight just to show up the tall guys. Podz and Hogz could dominate in the A as well.

So could Lazar. But he might have to stick around in the NHL. Oh well.


It was a lop-sided tilt. Despite their sloppy play, the Oil managed to scrape out a 7-2 win with the 2 best players in world on the ice facing AHL regulars. Good work.

Brisebois diminished a little, my Beggsy’s elevated opinion when he helped Oil rookie, Holloway, score his 2nd of 3 goals by laying out on the ice looking to break up the pass that never happened.

Sure it was eleveenteenth Nucking preseason loss, but who’s counting those? No one.


Any Nucks loss in Oil Country is horrible. Even if it means nothing.

Anyhow this preseason is winding down and the preseason trophies that we all covet like nothing else, will be awarded to no one.

If you ignore the collapse in the 3rd, all the Oil goals in the 2nd, the Abby Nucks did pretty well.

At least that’s what Bruce says...

Bruce saw some good things. Which not all visitors to Edmonton say, so there’s some prospective positives to project into the future.

If there is one.

Some may not want to see it.

Hey now, that’s more than a goal a game. Any team from the late 90s in Jersey can win with that.

But enough about the media mavens. How are we feeling, NM?


Is The Nucking Season Over Before It Starts?

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    Maybe, but just in case, let them play 20 real games, then call it off
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