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Quinn’s Questions: How Are You Feeling?

A question that is equal parts simple and overwhelming for a modern Canucks fan.

Vancouver Canucks v Minnesota Wild Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Quinn’s Questions is a feature where you the fans tell us your thoughts, through your vote and hopefully in the comments, as well. It’s named after Quinn Hughes, Pat Quinn, or both, depending on your age and era.

Results of previous Quinn’s Questions: Should Kevin Bieksa be inducted into the Ring of Honour?

Yes - 91%

No - 9%

I’m frankly a bit shocked it’s this overwhelming. I think recency bias might be playing a part here, but I can't say I think the readers were wrong.

What a fun start to the year, hey folks.

An 0-4-2 start, with a historic streak of blown leads and a home opener where boos and jerseys were flying. A highly paid JT Miller performing at a dismal clip. Thatcher Demko, once the saviour, apparently can’t do it all and has been mediocre, to be quite generous. People want Bruce fired and Jim Rutherford is throwing around the word rebuild.

But hey, at least we got a TD Canada sponsorship and a Reverse Retro jersey.

It’s frankly hard to find silver linings. Expectations were high, and rightly so. Management, media, and fans like could not stop talking about how important it was to get off to a good start, after piss poor beginnings to the past few campaigns. It’s both shocking in how dreadful things are, and not shocking because, well, they are the Canucks after all.

So this week I ask you a simple (and yet complex) question: How are you feeling, as a Canucks fan?

I personally fall in the camp of being rather pissed off. Every single year starts with this nonsense, and yet we were promised different. What do we get? Historical levels of bad, rumours of locker room gossip, ownership scandals — quite literally nothing has gone right. Firing Benning and Green was supposed to usher in a new era, and yet it’s the exact same BS we’ve all become accustomed too. There are almost no redeemable qualities.

Maybe you’re not quite as mad as me though. Maybe you’re still irritated, but want to see how things play out, even if you’re pessimistic. Maybe you’re still in wait and see mode — fair enough, I suppose. It is only six games technically, but I still think that it’s just such a reflection of the long-term direction of this organization Or maybe you’re still optimistic — it’s six games, it’s early, we’ve had injuries , things will turn out. You’re not sweating it. Hey, I admire that perspective — maybe that’s what you gets you through Canucks fandom.

Let me know where you’re at right now. I want to get a gauge on where the fanbase stands after this horrendous start. Are we ready to abort mission already, or are you still going with the flow? Vote in the poll and discuss away in the comments — it’s like group therapy for all of us.


How are you feeling about the Canucks season right now?

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  • 31%
    I’m pissed off
    (30 votes)
  • 38%
    I’m pretty upset
    (36 votes)
  • 14%
    I’m so-so
    (14 votes)
  • 14%
    I’m still optimistic
    (14 votes)
94 votes total Vote Now