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Gamethread #6: Canucks vs Buffalo

First home game of the year for the Canucks. Hopefully first win.

NHL: SEP 29 Kraken at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kent did a great job of expressing the collective feeling about the Canucks in the game preview. This team sucks right now. They have sucked against a wide variety of talent and systems. The Canucks have had leads in every single game and in every game there has been a moment where you almost let yourself believe that a win is in the bag. Except the bag....the defense....has a hole in it.

The Canucks had no success against the Sabres last year, losing both games. The Sabres have won 3 out of 4 of their games this year and seem to be a team that is gaining confidence as they played Florida tough in a loss and then won both games in Alberta. Craig Anderson has forgotten how old he is and has played great. And the scary thing is that the Sabres top line hasn’t scored much.

Nils Hoglander is part of Abbotsford in theory tonight and it’s not a surprise. Some would say that he has more talent then some of the other players on the fourth line, but his skill set does not fit what Bruce wants. Aman, Dakota and Lazar played great last game.

Canucks need a win tonight...literally. A home loss will lead to very loud booing that I might be able to hear where I am.

Win please.