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Gamethread #5: Canucks vs Wild

Canucks finish their roadtrip looking for their first win of the year.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I am thinking about taking up meditation. I need breathing exercises during Canuck games.

I think the Canucks, as a team, should take some meditation classes and learn to visualize what winning a game looks like. The right sports psychologist could make some serious coin from this team. Even Bruce Boudreau was channelling his inner “Torts” when he called this team mentally weak.

Today’s game is almost a must win. 1 point out of 5 games makes me sad. Also, a win today would mean that the Canucks are only 3 points out of a playoff spot. (I laughed while writing that)

I am going to keep this gamethread short as I have a lot of complaints and I want to try and hold on to the hope I have that this can turn around (5% hope).

Please please please please please can this be the night they win.