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Gamethread #3: Canucks vs Caps

Game 3 of the Canucks opening road trips lands in D.C.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When do two losses not feel like two losses...instead they feel like 38 losses!!

This start to the season seems worse than other shitty starts to a season. Realistically, this team is not better than Edmonton, but that loss stung. And then throw in the fact that this team is better than Philly and lost again. DAMN. I think I almost prefer the Canucks team that fell behind early and had to claw their way back into games versus this team that comes out firing and slowly dies during the last two periods.

It has been pointed...a thousand times....that J.T. Miller has been on the ice for all of the Canucks goals against. Fine, but Nils Hoglander was given top line minutes has no points. Captain Bo has struggled so far in securing that next big contract. And how much does the defensive core miss the giraffe, Tyler Myers? The rumblings about Bruce getting the boot are already simmering and if this team can’t get to .500 after 10 games, I see Allvin getting the green light as Boudreau was always seen as a band-aid for this team. (Not sure why...but it’s true)

You hate to say “must-win” after 2 games, but this fanbase now sleeps on the ledge. Ideally, the owner of this team would be the first one to go, but life ain’t fair. The Canucks face a Caps team that got their first win of the season after losing their first two games. the Nucks did win their only game in D.C. last year and let’s hope they can get Bruce his 600th win...before he get the axe.

Afternoon start times are tough, but maybe the Canucks can catch the Caps still sleepy after a late lunch.

Go Canucks Go!