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Gamethread #2: Canucks vs Flyers

Game 2 of the season opening road trip in Philly for the Canucks

Vancouver Canucks v Philadelphia Flyers
All eyes on the captain
Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

The Canucks should think about hiring a hypnotist. The last two periods in Edmonton need to be forgotten quickly. A few people on the interweb like to say the Canucks have gotten faster as a team, but they looked slow motion against Conner McDavid. The defense was flat-footed and the forwards were nowhere to be seen on the backcheck. Let’s hope that the team finds a way to skate for 60 minutes.

These teams split their games last year, just like they have done for the past 3 years. Each team won opposition ice last year. And it seems that these teams like one goal games, as the last 5 have been decided by one.

I mentioned before the start of the season that the Canucks would have to beat able to beat Calgary and Edmonton this year to be able to get in the playoffs. If they struggle with that, as they probably will, then they absolutely need to beat more Eastern conference teams. Last year the Nucks were 14-14-4 against the East. 3 more wins against the East and they would have been in the playoffs last year.

Bo Horvat took a lot of heat online and in the media for his play last game. And rightly so, but Tanner Pearson had two golden chances to score. The penalties led to a PK that needs a new structure. The real culprit of this game was the PP. What a shit show. To be fair though, the Oilers did a great job on their PK. All 4 of them were active with their sticks and their feet.

The narrative in October is usually, “They haven’t played well, but they have time to figure it out.” In reality, these games are the ones that cost playoff spots. The Canucks went 3-5-1 in October last year. They can’t afford that type of start again.

Let’s hope for a great afternoon game from the boys in white.

Go Coconuts Go!