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Are we there yet? Probably

Jim has a list - he’s checked twice - probably more

While the Nucks have an extended off ice Covidian holiday, despite omicron not taking any time off for any behaviours. Despite that, Nucks HQ hasn’t stopped working on possibly definitely the biggest front office hire since Rutherford.

A new Canucks General Manager.

We know from last month’s presser with JR, he had put together a list of 40 candidates for the job.

We know from the past 7 years what a very important job that is. Vital even.

Fortunately for us, our new President of Hockey Ops knows that too.

This week we heard through the Beggsy grapevine and possibly other sources, that Jim has narrowed the list to 5 candidates.

We’re getting closer.

The latest between the lines messaging is that Rutherford would prefer to mentor a younger talent to take the trading drafting table and spin it ‘till we win it.

He wants someone who can develop into one of the league’s premier GMs. We’d like that very much. We’ve seen the other less than premier side and we pretty much had our fill. For years.

While we wait for the outcome of this momentous hire and wait for the Nucks to play a game, the iGM Chronicles offers a distorted squiggly line view behind the big hire.


Happy waiting and stay safe!

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