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Gamethread #42: Canucks vs “Meh”dmonton

The Canucks start the 2nd half of the year against a team that should be much better than this.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s play Good news/Bad news.....

Good news - The first half the year is done and the Canucks were almost a Bettman .500 team.

Bad news - No playoff spot is realistically close

Good news - J.T. Miller is back baby!

Bad News - No Demko yet

Good news - J.T. is back!

Bad News - The Oilers won their last game.

Good News - The Nucks and Oilers have the same amount of points.

Bad news - The Oilers have 4 games in hand

This game seems repetitive.

These should be the jerseys the Canucks actually wear for the game instead of just warm-ups.

The Canucks haven’t beat the Oilers this season....Spencer Martin would love to beat them.

And then get traded there.

Go Canucks Go!