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Canucks hire Émilie Castonguay as Assistant General Manager

Émilie Castonguay is the fresh set of eyes we have been asking for.

President Jim Rutherford made one of the moves we have been waiting for today with the hiring of Émilie Castonguay.

Jim obviously loves Emilie’s resume and has made it clear that he is creating a new climate in the front office. I now wonder who the new G.M. will be and if that person had any say in this hiring or if it is truly Rutherford’s team?

Emilie had her first press conference today.

One more position needs to be filled before the trade deadline as Rutherford needs to get a G.M. for the Canucks. He’s also mentioned that he’s looking to add a third Assistant General Manager to his staff, alongside Castonguay and Derek Clancey.