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Gamethread #40: Canucks vs Panthers

Florida paws it way into town to face a depleted Canucks team.

NHL: Preseason-Vancouver Canucks at Seattle Kraken James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I was trying to think of the spin i should put on this game and got a little dizzy. Last week saw the Canucks with Brock and Petey on the COVID list, but luckily there weren’t too many games during that time. Now the Canucks have those two back....but will be without Conor Garland...Bo...Demko and J.T.


The practice lines yesterday almost looked like the Canucks had a 1b and three 3rd lines.

Anyone remember that time Mikey DiPietro was called up to play in a game against the Sharks. I do. Spencer Martin didn’t fair much better in his limited appearances years ago. Maybe it will be a backups time to shine against the best team in the league? With a depleted team in front of him....


Go Canucks Go!