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Gamethread #39: Canucks vs Preds

Canucks try for two in a row on the road while in Nashville.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This team, I tell ya...

One second they have problems scoring on the powerplay and the young players are being questioned about everything......and the next day the team scores multiple PP goals and a goal-scoring drought ends.

I am not sure this team will come close to making a playoff spot, but they sure have some times where they look like a pretty good team. Jim Rutherford and the new G.M. will have the hard task of determining what comes next though. How do they get the pieces needed to get this team to the next level. A better question is how much patience will the middle of the road Canuck fan have for this team moving forward. All those years of GMJB has crippled the faith of fans when it comes to management decisions. I think most of us agree that a top 4 defenseman is needed, but how to get that defenseman is the question. Which player gets traded and how does this team get more draft picks?

So many questions.

Tonight’s main question is, which Canucks team will show up? A Canucks team that creates PP goals is a dangerous team. A Canucks team that gives up PP goals is not. The Preds are a team with great special teams, so maybe a five on five game is what the Canucks need tonight. Can the Canucks win without their captain, who was placed in COVID protocol?

I do look forward to Hoglander coming out and scoring 40 goals after Bruce gave him a little (large) pre-game dig.

With Garland out, Nils has the chance to get some extra playing time and a chance to show the coach he can play the 200 foot game.

A win tonight would get the Nucks a 2-3 road trip. Not great, but a hell of a lot better than 0-5.

Go Canucks Go!