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Gamethread #34: Canucks vs Seattle

Time for Vancouver to start a new winning streak in Seattle

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2021 ended, as a did the Canucks winning streak. But the end of the year was a pleasant sight better than the rest of the year. The team has played some good road games and been able to come back in 3rd periods. I really hope to see this kind of play for 2022.

Twitter has been full of “Don’t trade Petey!!” talk...and it’s weird since I don’t call recall seeing anyone say trade Petey.....well, except me, here on NM. But I am not asking for it. I would just say that trading Petey might bring more pieces to address a better bottom six or a top 2 defenseman. Of course the fear is the ghost of Cam Neely.

I really hope Petey does find his form sooner rather than later as J.T. Miller play is making him more expensive by the minute. The Canucks can not re-sign Brock next year and then Miller the year after. People will say trade Bo, but he has done more this year than Petey. So many directions this could go.

Tonight is another piece of the puzzle for Rutherford to figure out. The Canucks go into Seattle tonight with an 8-1-1 record in their last 10 games. The Kraken have struggled in the last 10, going 2-5-3 and are now 9 points behind the Canucks. They haven’t won since Dec 14th and have lost Brandon Tanev for the season.

The tone for 2022 is not set in a single night, but a win on Jan 1st would be a great start.

Go Canucks Go!