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2022 NHL Season

GAME DAY PREVIEW/THREAD: Canucks vs Calgary (in Abbotsford, BC) Sept 27, 2021

Fresh off a loss to the Kraken, the Canucks are home (sort of) to play a game in front of their fans (sort of) for the first time in a long time.

Wake With Elias- Sept 27, 2021: Kraked Ice

Perhaps the lack of a tv feed was a blessing as the Canucks blow a lead and lose to the new guys.

GAME DAY PREVIEW/THREAD: Canucks @ Seattle (in Spokane, WA) Sept 26, 2021

It’s our first game preview of the year as the Canucks head to the home of the WHL’s Spokane Chiefs for their first meeting with the Seattle Kraken!

Wake With Elias- Sept 26, 2021: Canucks Battle The Kraken

The Canucks begin their preseason slate tonight as they take on the NHL’s newest franchise.

How Many Points Will Each Canuck Post in 2021-22?

The Nucks Misconduct crew puts forth their finest predictions for how many points each Canuck will score this season.

Wake With Elias- Sept 25, 2021: Bagging On The Bag Skate

Canucks Nation weighs in on super important stuff that will totally determine what happens this season.

Wake With Elias- Sept 23, 2021: Training Camp Begins

The Vancouver Canucks 2021-22 season starts with training camp, and did you hear that Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes aren’t there?

Wake With Elias- Sept 15, 2021: Canucks Announce Rookie Camp Roster

We’re getting closer to training camp as the rookies prepare to hit the ice tomorrow.

Wake With Elias- Sept 9, 2021: Crosby To Miss Season Start, Flames Sign Another Ex-Canuck

Wrist surgery again for Sidney Crosby will mean the Penguins starting the season without their Captain.

Wake With Elias- Sept 4, 2021: NHL, IIHF Strike Deal On Olympic Participation

NHL’ers will head to Beijing later this winter as the NHL and IIHF have come to terms on player participation.