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2022 NHL Entry Draft

Game Day Preview #59: Feb 25, 2023- Canucks vs Boston

In a league that constantly does dumb things in terms of scheduling, this game is mind-numbingly stupid.

Game Day Preview #40: Jan 10, 2023- Canucks @ Pittsburgh

As we near the halfway point in yet another frustrating season of watching this hockey club, it’s the same old story: Not good enough, and not bad enough for things to ever change. Anyway, they limp into Pittsburgh after another embarrassing defeat in Winnipeg Sunday.

Game Day Preview #37: Jan 3, 2023- Canucks vs New York Islanders

Fresh off another loss, the Canucks return home after dropping two straight on the road, as the New York Islanders make their annual visit to Rogers Arena.

SB Nation Reacts: 3 Burning Questions Responses

We asked you three important questions about the #Canucks heading into the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, and the results were a little surprising.

SB Nation Reacts: 3 Burning Questions for the Canucks

It’s summer time, and as free agency and the 2022 NHL Entry Draft approach, here’s 3 questions we want your input on!

NHL Mock Draft 2022: Vancouver Canucks select Liam Öhgren with No. 15 pick

It’s SBN’s annual NHL Mock Draft, and we know this sounds weird, but we had the Canucks drafting a Swede.