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How Many Points Will Each Canuck Post in 2021-22?

The Nucks Misconduct crew puts forth their finest predictions for how many points each Canuck will score this season.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Canucks hockey is almost upon us. After a big off-season that saw big names brought in and maligned faces moved out, the Canucks looked poised to have — at the very least — an entertaining 2021-2022 campaign. In anticipation of the season, the Nucks Misconduct crew has gotten together to predict how many points each Canuck regular will score in this upcoming year. Of course, each prediction comes with the caveat of full health and a full schedule (which, considering contracts and COVID, may not be a given!) As well, only Canucks we can safely deem as “regulars” are included. So if you’re here for Jack Rathbone, Brad Hunt, or Zack MacEwen predictions, well, you’re out of luck.

Let us know what you think of our takes, and let us know your own in the comments!

Elias Pettersson

Beggsy: For the first time in his career, Petey surpasses the point-per-game mark. Just for fun, he pots 30+ goals for the first time as well. 85 points

Westy: Will he stay healthy or won’t he? Can he find his shot from the hashmarks on the PP? Maybe to each. 75 points

Rob: This is the year Petey breaks out as an NHL superstar. He will become the first Canuck to break the century mark in points since Danny Sedin’s 104 in 2010/11. 40/60. 100 points

Markus: Assuming a normal start to the year contract and health wise, I do think we’ll see a pretty substantial bounce back. He didn’t look himself last year, but who did really. I think Trevor’s just about right, I'll go 83 points.

Kent: Petey is going to (once he gets here, that is) be on a tear to silence the ridiculous doubters after last season. 100 points.

Brock Boeser

Beggsy: No Canuck has scored more than 30 goals in a season since Radim Vrbata in ‘14-15. If healthy, I think both Boeser and Pettersson get there this season. 72 points.

Westy: Brock can see that new contract. He will be a man possessed. 86 points

Rob: The Burnsville BROCKET is primed and ready to take off. He ties EP40 in the club’s goal race at 40. 77 points

Markus: He was one of the few guys who had a great 2020-21, and I think he’ll settle in as a bonafide top-line scorer. Part of his growth is his offensive game is so well-rounded now; he's no longer a pure shooter, and I think that serves him well. I’ll go 76 points.

Kent: Boeser showed a bit of a chip on his shoulder last season, and we love to see it. I fully expect another solid performance from The Flow. 90 points.

JT Miller

Beggsy: Lotto Line JT doesn’t get to his ‘19-20 rate, but he’s in line for a better season after a nightmare ‘20-21 campaign. 64 points.

Westy: I love me some angry J.T.. He might get angrier this year when he gets dropped from the first line after gliding on defense. 60 points.

Rob: Je T’aime will settle in as the team’s third highest scoring forward. 70 points

Markus: I don’t know that he gets to 2019-20 levels, and I think we’re gonna see a decline soon, but I think he has another good year in him (and hopefully less anger.) I too will go with 70 points.

Kent: Miller’s not going to put up as many as the first two gents, as we’re probably gonna see him utilized up and down the lineup, but he’s still a vital, productive player and a big key to their success this season. 69 points.

Bo Horvat

Beggsy: I’d love to see Bo get into the 30 goals, 30 assist club. I think he just misses out on 30 bingos. 62 points.

Westy: Bo will have have better teammates this year....right? If this is true...please let it be true...he will shine. 70 points

Rob: The Captain will continue to provide his usual solid O-zone output. 60 points

Markus: I think 70 points in possible as a ceiling. I’m not super convinced he’ll pull it off, but he has a great shot and good line mates now. I’ll say he falls a bit short and gets 66 points.

Kent: The Cap’n is still a bit underrated in my opinion, and hopefully they can take some of his defensive load off, and give him the green light a little more. 65 points.

Nils Hoglander

Beggsy: Hoglander is a sneaky candidate to start the season on the top line. Don’t think he sticks there all season, but it would be foolish to bet against him. 42 points.

Westy: Nils will try to avoid the sophomore jinx...whatever that is. 35 points ...Jinx!

Rob: The Tre Kronor Magic Man will drop off from his rookie PPG rate a bit due to more competition for offensive situations and a bit of the second year jinx. He will score his first NHL lacrosse goal this season though. 33 points

Markus: I think Nils will share time with the second and third lines, but I think his style will save him from the sophomore jinx. 37 points.

Kent: More ice time is only going to help Hoglander. I could see him notching 50 points.

Connor Garland

Beggsy: Garland is arguably (probably?) the Canucks’ third-best forward behind Petey and Brock. He’s in for a monster year. 78 points.

Westy: Conor and Bo....and the third wheel, will get Conor 70 points.

Rob: The expectations for the shiny new toy are a bit high. 25/36. 61 points.

Markus: I like Garland, though apparently not as much as Beggsy. That’s just wild. I do think he’ll be a good fit with Bo though so I’ll say he scores 25ish goals and 64 points.

Kent: Whether it’s on the 1st or 2nd line, Garland’s been brought here to produce, and produce he will. 75 points.

Tanner Pearson

Beggsy: Pearson’s scoring rate has been trending downwards, and it’s likely to continue that way if he plays in a diminished, defence-first role. 26 points.

Westy: Will Tanner be the new Loui? No, he will get to play and he has the knack for getting streaky. 25 points

Rob: His offensive role will diminish but his defensive role will be more prominent. 24 points

Markus: These guys are really down on Pearson, which I get, but I still think he’ll play enough raw minutes to get 32 points.

Kent: While Pearson’s not a top 6 guy, his production since joining this team has hardly been disappointing, especially when you consider we paid Erik Gudbrandson to get him. He’ll still help, but in a supporting role. 35 points.

Jason Dickinson

Beggsy: People say Dickinson has more to give offensively. While that might be true, I’m not sure if he gets that opportunity. Vancouver needs checking forwards more than goal scorers. 28 points.

Westy: I have no clue about this guy and his offensive level. Wild guess is 25 points.

Rob: I don’t think he really has more to give offensively but that doesn’t mean he won’t become a defensive beast. 24 points

Markus: Dickinson’s a bit of a wildcard. I could see him getting as low as 20 and as high as 40 points, and I’ll go somewhere in the middle at 28 points.

Kent: I think the smart play with Dickinson is set the bar low on offensive expectations, and maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised? 20 points.

Vasili Podkolzin

Beggsy: Horvat had 10 goals and 25 points in his rookie season. I see Podkolzin posting similar numbers. 30 points.

Westy: He is Russian and can shoot. Someone inform the SVR. 27 points

Rob: The Russian Red Bull will form an incredible shutdown line with Pearson and Dickinson. They will take no prisoners. His offence will come along slowly in his rookie season. 12/18. 30 points

Markus: The experts seem to think he’s NHL ready bit the question for me is how much top-six time he’ll get. Like Hoglander, I bet he goes back and forth and gets 31 points in the process.

Kent: I like the potential of a line with Dickinson and Pearson, and think that 30 points is a reasonable rookie season target.

Tyler Motte

Beggsy: Motte could be a sneaky bet for 30 points if he stays healthy...I wouldn’t put money on it though. 22 points.

Westy: Less of a shot playing top 9 minutes this year, but some grinder points on the fourth line. 20 points

Rob: Motte’s won’t get as much of a chance to put up points this season. His role on the club will diminish. 16 points

Markus: I like Motte a lot but I also think his ceiling is somewhat limited given the newfound forward depth. He’ll still do well for a fourth liner though. 21 points

Kent: Going low on this one because of the uncertainty around when he will actually return to the lineup. 18 points.

Brandon Sutter

Beggsy: Without nine games against Ottawa, I’m not sure Sutter even hits nine goals over a full 82 games. 26 points.

Westy: Why? 15 points and injured after 30 games

Rob: The new Cap hit is much nicer but Sudsy is still on an inevitable downward trend and his skating has slowed and his body is showing wear and tear. 12 points

Markus: Cheap Brandon Sutter will be way more manageable than expensive Brandon Sutter. 14 points and that’s fine.

Kent: Wouldn’t it be funny if Sutter had a crazy good season, and the Canucks were able to use him as an asset at the deadline? 15 points, though.

Quinn Hughes

Beggsy: If he plays a full 82, I fully believe Hughes shatters Doug Lidster’s franchise record of 63 points by a defenceman in a single season. 71 points.

Westy: The new contract jinx is a real thing. I’m sorry. 50 points.

Rob: Quinn will put his Covid strained sophomore season behind him and become a PPG defenceman. 10/72. 82 points

Markus: Quite the range by my peers here. I’ll say that his offence was fine last year, regardless of his defence, and I think the new scoring weapons will help. 73 points.

Kent: Lots to prove regardless of the new contract that he will eventually sign. 80 points.

Travis Hamonic

Beggsy: Give him the same digits as Quinn, just swapped. 17 points.

Westy: Get this guy to shoot more often. 26 points

Rob: He will spend most of his energy covering defensively for Huggy Bear. 20 points

Markus: His overall game is just fine but I just don’t think there’s much here in pure scoring. 16 points.

Kent: Will be in and out of the lineup, as there’s actually bottom-pairing options for the Canucks this time around. 15 points.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Beggsy: It will be interesting to see what impact OEL has on the second power play unit. While parts of his game have slipped in past seasons, his power play production has remained impressive. Here’s hoping he can outscore some of his deficiencies at 5-5 as well. 39 points.

Westy: I expect big things from this Swede. I would not be surprised to see him get more than the 50 points I predict.

Rob: I think his role on this team will have more of a defensive leadership component to it. Still I like him for 10/25. 35 points

Markus: I'm not sure his offensive game has ever really been the problem, and I think he’ll do decently on that side of the ice. The defence... We’ll see, but I think he gets 43 points.

Kent: A better power play than last year with this guy on the point. 40 points.

Tucker Poolman

Beggsy: I’m going to go out on a limb and say Poolman registers more than one assist this season. 14 points.

Westy: If he gets more than 10 points, does GMJB get another extension?

Rob: I think he rebounds from his abysmal point total from last season. A post Covid recovery. 18 points

Markus: I have no reason to expect anything here, 12 points and maybe that’s generous.

Kent: Anything above 15 points should probably be considered a win for Jim Benning.

Tyler Myers

Beggsy: He may be brutal defensively, but he should be a lock for 25+ points...even with Hughes and OEL in the fold. 28 points.

Westy: Tyler Myers should play more like Buff did in Winnipeg. Jump up ore often and shoot the puck so he can get 32 points.

Rob: I think his PPG rate will diminish a bit. 25 points

Markus: Myers is hilarious offensively. Total madness defensively, but he can actually move and get involved when he wants to, and he plays a lot. 34 points.

Kent: If they can give him someone to bail out his woeful defensive play, seeing a 30 point season from the tallest guy on the team shouldn’t be a surprise.