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Canucks select D Jonathan Myrenberg 140th Overall

Jimbo loves him some Swedish defenders.

2014 NHL Draft - Round 1 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A hard shot with a bit of a mean streak? Sounds like the kind of defenceman the Canucks need more of, right? While it’s almost a stereotype for the Canucks to draft a Swedish defenceman, Myrenberg does seem to have a lot of tools in his kit that with the right development could see him make this team down the road.

He loves to take the body, and actively seeks out physical contact. He has a great shot, but may not be a great option in terms of playmaking. One of his strongest attributes is speed, and he will attack oncoming defenders, using it and his physicality to force turnovers.

Size, strength, can play the PP and has a strong two way game is the read many have on Myrenberg. Next picks for the Canucks are in Round Six, as they draft at 169 and 178.