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2021 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread

Trader Jim and Todd Harvey are going to try and restock the cupboards today.

2020 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Paul Albi/NHLI via Getty Images

After the ‘Good News, Bad News’ deal yesterday that saw the team deal away their 9th overall pick and take on almost as much salary as they swapped out, the Canucks head into Day Two of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft with six picks in total.

With a number of jaw-dropping trades yesterday, (as well as the absolutely shocking move by the Montreal Canadiens to draft Logan Meilleux 31st overall), it was one of the more eventful draft days in a long time, and not in a good way at all.

Already this morning we’ve seen a trade involving the Los Angeles Kings and multiple players, and the Colorado Avalanche re-signing D Cale Makar to a 6 year deal at $9 million per year.

After picking 41st overall, the Canucks will not pick again til Round Five, where they will pick twice. They also have two picks in Round Six, then one more in Round Seven. They’ll be getting some depth, but no one that’s going to be able to step in and help this team in the near future.

We will have profiles of these picks throughout the day, as well as info on any further trades made by the Canucks, who are taking calls on Nate Schmidt.