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The day after...

Things are ok.

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

Ok, today is the day that people wake up, have a cup of coffee, go through their favorite sites and Twitter, and then sit back and re-think their first reaction over the Canucks trade with Phoenix yesterday. The overwhelming first response on Twitter was not very good…as usual.

And I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. The angst that was typed out by many writers made it seem that the organization was doomed to failure for years to come by this one move.

I am confused by this. I really am. Yesterday’s trade addressed 4 areas that those same people have been complaining about for years.

1. Get rid of Loui – People will nit pick over the amount he actually gets paid versus his cap hit. People will say that there was only one year left on his contract, so why get rid of it now? Those same people will bitch about his contract for the whole year. Loui did nothing last year….nothing. And still got paid.

2. Get rid of Beagle and Roussel – Two more contracts that were bad ideas and had one more year to go. These two were never meant to produce offence, but they also hardly played due to injuries. The idea that you could just LTIR every player you don’t like is just bad business.

3. Get a top 4 defenseman. – The debate over the skill level of OELis an interesting one. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched Coyotes games in years. They sucked and were boring to watch, especially when Tippett was coach. I do know that OEL was always a presence on the ice against the Canucks. At this point, he might be the best overall defenseman on the team since he can play in all situations. Is his contract worth it….ask me in 4 years.

4. Get a faster forward who can shoot and pass. – Conor Garland checks that box. Two years ago he had 22 goals and last year he had 27 assists. Garland’s arrival means that Tanner Pearson can move down to the third line and Bo can have a line mate who can get him the puck. Imagine a fast second line, freed from tougher match ups…..Bo could get 30 goals this year.

Am I calling trade a home run….umm, no. But, I really like the fact that dead weight has been jettisoned.

“But…but…bad contracts….too much money later on….salary cap!!!!.” Twitter is full of this and I find it amusing that some writers believe that the object of hockey is to only look at the salary cap and wins to determine success of a franchise. Bad contracts don’t stop teams from winning, bad play does. People are already stating there is no way they can get behind OEL and his contract. Move on then. Go cheer for another team. I know…it’s not that simple.

I think all of us need to remember this. Canucks twitter is a platform for writers to get you to engage with their work so that they have a job. (Not me, I write for free) They don’t need you to nod your head and agree with them…they need you to get fired up. I believe that the worst thing for Canucks media would be a Stanley Cup win. Some would have to take a day off from their complaining. But until the day….the negativity around this team, created by Canuck bloggers mostly, will continue to fester and divide a fanbase that has a serious chip on its shoulder.

Some readers may think piece to be Pro-Benning and I think that shows the divide with Canuck nation. The real focus of my ire negativity of us as fans. Our willingness to believe that all moves we don’t agree with must be terrible, even before any games have been played, can only lead to an environment of negativity. The “I told you so..” game that is the bread and butter of Canuck blogging has to be called out by you. I remind you that a lot of the writers out there are trying to either move up the media ladder or make a living out of getting you to argue with them and each other. Don’t let this affect your mental health.

Try to enjoy hockey.