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Wake With Elias: 10 Best 2011 Memories & What About Victor Oreskovich?

Maybe it’s the whiskey talking, but I’d like to remember the good times.

Vancouver Canucks v Atlanta Thrashers
Former Canuck Victor Oreskovich caught up with Nick Bondi on the latest episode of the Power of the Towel podcast.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I think someone needs to check in on Kyle Bhawan today.

The host of Sippin’ on a 40 automatically mutes guests whenever they mention 2011 on the show. Like the rest of us, he must be having a helluva time today, with dreary images of June 15th, 2011 creeping back up into the consciousness of Canucks fans everywhere.

Today is the dreaded 10 year anniversary of the Game 7 loss and accompanying riots. While I’d like to say “let’s move on and never talk about this again,” the reality is that other fanbases will roast Canucks fans about that fateful night until Vancouver wins their first Stanley Cup.

So, for the sake of this fanbase, one of the most passionate in all of the NHL, let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

I am generally an optimistic guy, so I want to move past the atrocities from June 15th, 2011 and look at my 10 favourite memories from the 2011 run.v

1. Burrows 1-0 goal in Game 7

Okay, so I’m picking three memories from one fairness, it was arguably the most important game in Canucks history that wasn’t a Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

2. Luongo saves the season

Can you imagine if Patrick Sharp scored here? That’s an alternate universe much worse than the one Canucks fans were dealt.

3. Burrows plays hero

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of watching this goal.

4. Kesler schools Shea Weber

This was the standout highlight in an incredibly memorable six-game performance from Ryan Kesler. Not to mention, this goal was the game-winner, one game after he scored the overtime winner in Game 3.

5- Blowing it open against San Jose

One of my weird standout memories from 2011 that might not be on everyone’s list is the three-goal outburst in less than two minutes against San Jose in Game 4. That was probably my first “holy shit, this team is going to the Stanley Cup Finals” moment.

6. Kesler scores in the dying seconds

There would be no stanchion magic without this goal in the final seconds of regulation in Game 5.

7. Bieksa sends the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals

One of the most anti-climactic goals in Canucks history was also one of the most important.

8. Torres Time

On a personal note, my high school graduation was the night of Game 1. I tried desperately to bail out, but my parents did not approve. So, I had a portable radio in my pocket and headphones in my ear as the man with the last name “Beggs” sat front row on the stage of Sullivan Heights, listening to Game 1 unfold.

Unfortunately, radio reception was next to none on the all I had in my ears was a bunch of static. At least I didn’t miss too much scoring.

9. The 11-second wonder

Furious about missing Game 1, I skipped out on the annual grad camping trip to watch Game 2 of the Cup Finals in downtown Vancouver. I wasn’t even legal drinking age, but this was one of the best nights I’ve ever had in downtown Vancouver.

In all honesty, I was peeing behind a building when Burrows scored. I’m not even sure I had time to zip my pants up as I ran back to the streets to celebrate with the masses.

10. The Lapierre celly

The last celebratory moment of the finals featured one of the best cellies from 2011.

So, some of y’all might focus on the negativity surrounding the day of June 15th, 2011. I’d rather look back on the good times because it was a hell of a run with a lot of memorable moments.

What pisses me off more than the loss and the riots has been the mediocrity of this team over the last seven, eight years. I yearn for the days when Jimbo and Francesco quit fumbling away this franchise’s chance at another lengthy run.

Other Canucks News

  • While I’d like the riot talk to fade away into oblivion, I do admit that this article about unique perspectives of the riot is interesting. The piece features interviews with Mike Gillis, Chris Higgins, Jannik Hansen, and photographer Richard Lam. [The Province]
  • Emergency responders and journalists also give their take on the events of June 15th, 2011 here. [CBC]
  • With most of the Canucks from the 2011 squad now retired, here’s a look at what all of them are up to now. [Daily Hive]
  • I don’t know if the word “aced” should be included in this article analyzing the Canucks bottom-six forwards, but I digress... [Vancouver is Awesome]

What’s up with Victor?

While Kyle Bhawan and I have been slacking on the Nucks Misconduct Podcast Network, Power of the Towel host Nick Bondi continues to bring it.

This week, he tracked down former Canuck from the 2011 squad, Victor Oreskovich, to conduct a retrospective of the 2011 run.

Here’s a hilarious preview of the interview from Bondi below.

You can also catch the full episode here.

Speaking of Burrows...

Curious among our Canuck-centric readers...are you cheering for Burrows and the Canadiens?


Who would you rather see in the Stanley Cup Final?

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  • 80%
    Montreal Canadiens
    (24 votes)
  • 20%
    Vegas Golden Knights
    (6 votes)
30 votes total Vote Now

I think most people believe that the whole “Canada’s Team” thing is crap. However, the Canadiens do have Burrows behind the behind, along with notable BC boys such as Carey Price, Shea Weber and Brendan Gallagher.

Is that enough to make you cheer for the Canadiens to win it all? It might not matter, as they looked overmatched against Vegas last night, aside from an outburst in the first period which was thwarted by Marc-Andre Fleury.