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GAME THREAD #49: Canucks vs Oilers

After the Oilers deployed a clever anti-tank mechanism in the last game, the Canucks lumber forth towards the draft lottery.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, I just felt we needed to give Jack Rathbone a little more love. That was a great first goal, and while it may be a season to forget for the Vancouver Canucks, his (and Tyler Graovac’s) goals in that last game were a rare ray of sunshine.

Alas, the dark clouds loom yet again, as we scoreboard watch, and await for the confirmation of the inevitable. Again, the hope is to get through another game without serious injury for these guys. Anything else is just a bonus, but after such a horrendous season, going on a late run despite being out of the playoffs (which they could be this evening) would be some kind of cruel joke.

Not that a top 3 pick is gonna save them, mind you. The issues are deeper and far more compounded than that. But it sure as hell would help to get more hope for the future, so that when someone who actually knows what the hell they’re doing takes the reins, we can look forward to fun and meaningful hockey.

Following tonight’s game, the Canucks have a day off, then play back to back games in Winnipeg. They’ll be joined there by Jonah Gadjovich, who will be the latest prospect to get his first NHL game in. Shame that he had to stay in quarantine in Winnipeg, they could probably use his big body tonight with MacEwan forced to sit.