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GAME THREAD #46: Canucks vs Oilers

So many injuries, so little time (to cram in 11 more games)(thanks, Gary).

NHL: FEB 23 Oilers at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just a few more weeks and thankfully, this season will be over for the Vancouver Canucks.

For a team that’s put together a disproportionate amount of forgettable seasons, we probably couldn’t be so lucky as to just forget about the awfulness of it all. From the disappointing off-season, to that disastrous February, to a full 82 games season’s worth of injuries, this is one for the ages. I think the worst part about it all, is the architects of this runaway flaming garbage truck probably won’t even pay any significant price.

No, Jim Benning and John Weisbrod will probably let the entire coaching staff go at the end of the season, and while I am now at the point where I cannot see how Travis Green can continue as the coach of this hockey club, it was truly an unwinnable situation for him. This team was built by a group of people that have been in the position far too long, rewarded more than once for failure, and has been given absolutely no indication his job is in jeopardy.

If you think this looks crazy as a Canucks fan, imagine how it looks to outsiders? The ones that don’t find this situation a perpetual source of happiness genuinely feel sorry for us as fans. You know, the same way people do about Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres fans,

And why is that? Well, it’s the common bond of incompetent management and terrible, uncaring ownership that is seeing us lumped into that group. And tonight, one of the teams everyone used to feel sorry for is probably gonna lay a beating on this team.

I don’t blame the players. I am proud as hell of how they’ve battled when they honestly and truly should not have been made to return. And yes, even the bottom six guys are included in that. But this team, which looked like it was about to turn that corner last summer with that surprising playoff run is not just where they were at the start of last season. They’ve regressed back 3 or 4 years. The playoffs aren’t happening this year, or next. And probably not the next year without some type of massive overhaul.

It’s so disheartening that the person who was brought in to make things better after they started a downward slide following the Cup run has done nothing but spun his tires the entire time.