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The 2021 Nucks Misconduct Playoff Prediction Thread: Round One


Nashville Predators v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Another year where Canucks fans sit on the outside looking in, as the team we love has once again given us a season packed with disappointment. So while we absolutely wouldn’t begrudge you for walking away til next season, for those of you who are going to stick around and see how this plays out, here’s the NM staff predictions for each of the first round series. Let’s start in the East Division, shall we?


Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs New York Islanders (4)

Westy - Everyone was kind of hoping that the Islanders would have the ability to turn it up a notch this year and make a serious run. Sidney Crosby has other plans and he knows that he has limited time to win another cup. Pens in 6

Beggsy - It feels foolish to bet against the Islanders after the last couple of seasons. However, the Pens are going into the playoffs streaking, while the Islanders have been floundering. This series will end up closer than the last time these teams met in the postseason. Pens in 7

Strang - I think the Islanders slow these games down enough to squeeze Pittsburgh out of it. Give me the better defensive team and hopefully they let Mat Barzal loose. Islanders in 7

Rob - Barry Trotz. Islanders in 6

Kent- I hope that you all realize that when the Islanders win this series, it’s because of a massive multi-level conspiracy that is also preventing players and coaches of the Penguins from winning awards they so richly deserve. Oh lord, when are the poor Penguins ever going to catch a break? Islanders in 6

Washington Capitals (2) vs Boston Bruins (3)

Westy - I will be honest, I have never been a fan of Ovi and the Caps, but in a series against Boston, I will. I think the Bruins will miss that big monster that is now on the Caps blueline. Chara will hit Marchand every chance he gets. Caps in 7

Beggsy - Friendly reminder that Boston has made the playoffs in five of the last six seasons, while the Canucks have missed in fie of the last six. Bruins in 7

Strang - Chara facing his old team will be a fun storyline. While it pains me to do so, I think I’m going with the Bruins here who are a bit more well-rounded in my opinion. Bruins in 6

Rob - I really hate the Bruins and always will. Caps in 6

Kent- The best part about this series will be the way the fans are gonna drive Tuukka Rask outta Boston when they lose. Chara beating his old team is the kind of stuff the NHL scriptwriters live for. Caps in 7


Carolina Hurricanes (1) vs Nashville Predators (4)

Westy - Haven’t seen a game with either of these teams. Carolina had Nashville’s number until the last two games of the year. I’m not sure if that means anything. Let’s go with the higher seed. Hurricanes in 5

Beggsy - Nice streak by the Predators to make it into the playoffs. I could see Jusse Saros stealing a game or two. Hurricanes in 6

Strang - Predators sneaking into the playoffs is a nice story but they will get steamrolled by Carolina. Hurricanes in 4

Rob - This will be the first round upset no one predicted...except me. Preds in 7

Kent- Coin toss series. Nashville’s been on a tear, and Carolina’s looking to go further than last year. As entertaining as the Preds season turn around was, the Jerks move on. Hurricanes in 7

Florida Panthers (2) vs Tampa Bay Lightning (3)

Westy - I’m not sure what happened in Florida this year. The Panthers look for real, but the other guys won it all last year and that has to count for something. Lightning is 6

Beggsy - Stamkos and Kucherov return for the playoffs. As long as their actually good to go, it’s hard to see Tampa losing. Lightning in 6

Strang - Who would have thought we would have two Florida teams, both good, going against each other in a serious playoff series. Tampa Bay sandbagged all year and will pull this one out. Lightning in 7

Rob - $99 million dollar Salary Cap circumvention wins every time. The NHL should make a rule against it and penalize circumventers. Lightning in 6

Kent- Fine then, if they’re not brave enough to call it I will. The Florida Panthers are the biggest story of the NHL that is not McWhatshisface and that team in the Centre of the Universe. This upset is cap circumvention karma. Panthers in 7


(1) Colorado Avalanche vs St Louis Blues (4)

Westy - Is Colorado the team to beat this year or is St Louis the team I wouldn’t want to face in the first round? This might be the best series in the opening round. Avs in 6

Beggsy - If you’re a team that lost in the playoffs to the Canucks less than 12 months ago, logic dictates that you’re fucked against Colorado. Avs in 4

Strang - Colorado has got the most firepower of any team and are the favourite to win the entire thing. St Louis lost to the Canucks last year. Avalanche in 5

Rob - Stanley Cup winning experience is the difference in a bubble-free world. Blues in 7

Kent- Don’t let them making the playoffs fool you, the Canucks broke the Blues last year and when the Avs start pouring it on, Binnington is gonna be having Horvat flashbacks. Avs in 5

(2) Vegas Golden Knights vs Minnesota Wild (3)

Westy - Vegas had more wins that Colorado this year and have a goaltending tandem which is pretty good. If they have to use the tandem, they are screwed. Minnesota is a state near Canada and that’s all I know about this team. Vegas in 5

Beggsy - The best possible series of Round Two would be Vegas and Colorado, but it won’t happen because nice things don’t happen in 2021. Minnesota in 6

Strang - Vegas struggled against Minnesota this season but dominated everyone else. I think they figure out the Wild, especially considering the disparity in goaltending quality. Vegas in 6

Rob - Kaprisov craps out. Vegas in 5

Kent- Another upset? Why the hell not? Minnesota’s better than they were last year, and probably better than we realize. They may not go far, but they’ll pull off this shocker. Wild in 7


Toronto Maple Leafs (1) vs Montreal Canadiens (4)

Westy - I hate both of teams. Without Boston to face, Toronto will win a first round. Leafs in 5

Beggsy - Love to see a Habs upset here...but I think they used up their magic beans in last year’s playoffs. Leafs in 6

Strang - While I would love to see Montreal win this, I don’t think the Leafs choke quite yet. Give it one more round. Leafs in 6

Rob - I really hate the Leafs and always will. Also, the Price is right. Habs in 6

Kent- Montreal made the playoffs by a) beating the Canucks a lot and b) getting more Bettman points than any other playoff team. They don’t belong here and the Leafs are going to thump them. Leafs in 5

Edmonton Oilers (2) vs Winnipeg Jets (3)

Westy - Should I cheer for an Oilers team because McDavid is the best player in the league and “deserves” a cup? Fuck no. Unfortunately, the Oilers have outworked Winnipeg all year. Oilers in 6

Beggsy - You need a team to win in hockey. However, McDavid and Draisaitl could single-handedly dismantled a dismal Jets defence. Oilers in 6

Strang - Is this the year that McDavid finally does some real damage in the playoffs? I’m going with no. Jets in 7

Rob - I really hate the Oilers and always will. Also, Smith pops his groin in the first period of Game One. Jets in 7

Kent- The Jets really struggled down the stretch, but let’s not kid ourselves here: At the end of the day, the Oilers are a fairly one-dimensional team and the Jets have a far better goaltender. I wouldn’t put faith in Mike Smith to drive me to the grocery store let alone a championship. Jets in 6