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Recap #52: Canucks Fall to Old Friend Jacob Markstrom

Are we done yet? The Canucks lose another one to a Flames in a game that wasn’t very exciting to say the least.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks met the Calgary Flames on Thursday night for a game that didn’t have much at stake. Both teams have been eliminated from the playoff chase and the only things left to play for are pride and lottery positioning.

A couple of late goals allowed the Flames to escape with a 4-1 victory. With another loss the Canucks sink closer to the bottom of the standings and a potential chance at the top overall selection. Maybe Luke Hughes is a possibility after all.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Sea of Granlunds had another forgettable game with few reasons for joy. Matthew Highmore scored his first as a Canuck with an early deflection but there was no Adam Gaudette-like celebration that followed.

Let’s get to some of the major storylines for the game, as well as for the end of the season.

The Gadjovich (and Lockwood) Thing

With the Canucks eliminated from playoff contention, it would be the perfect time to see what some of their prospects are made of.

Jonah Gadjovich has been tearing up the AHL this season with an improved skating stride that has allowed him to better exploit his size. He has 15 goals in 19 AHL contests and is a big body that isn’t afraid to go to the dirty areas, the prototypical power forward the Canucks lack.

He was recalled to the Canucks at the start of May and served his required quarantine, finally being cleared to play before the Winnipeg game the other day.

However, Gadjovich still isn’t slotting into the lineup because the team has run out of player recalls. They will need to wait until Utica’s season officially ends on Sunday before they can see what Gadjovich can do at the NHL level.

The same issue is what’s keeping prospect Will Lockwood out of the lineup.

Could the Calcouver Flanucks Make the Playoffs?

You would think that a combined lineup of two promising young teams would look a little better than this considering you get to pick and choose the players. Yet this combined roster wouldn’t be a powerhouse.

I’m going to go with they would make the playoffs because of the goaltending duo and that beautiful Hughes - Tanev pairing. Still, there’s no chance this team is cruising to the postseason, instead they're battling it out with Montreal for that last spot. In a normal year with no all-Canadian division, it would be even closer.

No Sea of Granlunds is also a bonus, though give it a few years and we might see Pearson get close to that status.

Strang’s Shoutouts

Both Nils Höglander and Thatcher Demko deserve a shoutout before we end here. Höglander has been on a hot streak recently despite the fact that the team is falling to pieces around him. While he didn’t get a point tonight, he did have a few of his usual pretty zone entries and continued to look mature beyond his years.

While he did allow four goals, Demko also made a few exceptional saves. He’s another player that has been placed in a tough situation and continues to perform. It’s scary to think how good he might be with an NHL-caliber defence group in front of him.

(also quick shoutout to Jimmy Vesey for a big hit and a 2nd-best 52.29 CF%)

Sums Up the Game...and the Season

Let’s see if this thing works?

no more Benning

no more Benning

no more Benning

no more Benning