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Gamethread #52: Canucks vs Flames

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The end is near.

And what a way to end this disaster of a season, by facing the Canucks 2.0 four out of the last five games. These games should have some feeling to them, as neither team wants to finish below the other. The Flames were supposed to be a playoff team with a new goalie...can’t recall his name, and some new defense. The Canucks on the other hand were always a bubble team in my mind and the bubble popped as soon as Petey was shut down for the year.

I want to see the kids in this last set of games against the Flames. They need to be in a situation, even if the playoffs are gone, where the other team wants to hit the crap out of you.

Can you imagine if the Canucks won their last 5 games and finished only 4 points behind the Habs? People might actually think that the Canucks could be a playoff team next year.

Let’s all have a drink and yell “Fuck you, Flames!”

Go Canucks Go!