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Gamethread #51: Canucks vs Jets

Canucks go for two in a row in Winnipeg

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t take credit for the win last night. The young players of the Canucks were able to step up and beat the Jets. Demko played well....Hoglander scored a couple and Bo has a slim chance for 20 goals this year after scoring.

The question I have now is, does having me write two gamethreads in a row equal another win, or is it that Winnipeg is really trying to stay away from Edmonton in the first round?

I always take the last few games with a grain or 12 of salt. Goals come a little easier...teams play a little easier....stats get padded. It’s nice to see the kids play and if Green is around next year, I hope he plays more of them and more often.

I hope for wins just so the Canucks finish ahead of Calgary.

Go Canucks Go!