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Gamethread #50: Canucks vs Jets

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Gerry Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start off by apologizing for the crappy play of the Canucks. I have been AWOL and the team knew it and couldn’t get going. Some would say that COVID continues to be the issue with their stamina and Petey’s absense have led to the downfall of this season. was me not being here and for that, I’m sorry.

In the season preview, I said that the Canucks season would come down to games 51-53, but those over-achievers were eliminated by game 49. Well done. Travis Green will now let some of the youth have a shot to impress him....if he is even around next year.

I hear Torts is free!

The Jets are in an interesting spot. They have no shot at 2nd place and really want no piece of Edmonton in the first round. They have only beat them twice this year. So.....they should lose tonight....and again, so that they come in 4th and play Toronto in first round.

These last 6 games are tough to watch for most, as the ghost of last years playoffs keeps slapping them in their sleep. This team is still trying to find an identity and some organizational summer cleaning needs to occur at all levels.

But tonight, let’s just enjoy some of the last hockey for the year. In fact, it could the last few games for Alex Edler... and Brandon Sutter. Let’s us dream.

Go Canucks Go!