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Dreaming of Luke on this Dreadful Weekend in Vancouver

Kyle says this and that...and this and that.

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

From COVID Outbreaks to Benning’s Silence, That Was Not a Good Friday for Vancouver

*9:22 PM / 2021-04-02

One love Vancouver.

One Love.

You know, there are no coincidences in moments such as these because the year is 2021 and as stated before, 2020 was only 5 months ago and its dominance continues to cast spells in the present.

It is what it is. unfortunate to say the least.

In fact, I’m just 60 words away from being speechless.

*9:31 PM / 2021-04-02

Let me just...

Get this off the damn mind. Is this normal behaviour for a 6th-place in your division-type team that also plays in Canada?

Days ago, prior to the Canucks COVID-19 outbreak, the deal was done with the franchise goalie and it sort-of-not-really-but-ya-sort-of arrived from outer space.

This was BREAKING news and Vancouver hasn’t had a non-owner member of that said franchise show love for the commitment they just made to themselves and its people,

That’s ridi........

You piece of...


See, here’s the deal about what just happened now.

I caught myself in the act of some weird shit. It had to be weird cause it felt weird.

The words were just flowing cause the coffee was dripping and boom before this essay could become grapefruitful, there came the facts halting fluidity:

  1. @kylebhawan is delivering you written material about SpOrTz in 2021.
  2. The team @kylebhawan is “covering” is in crisis mode.
  3. I was missing first periods game after game after game after game after game after ga...

There is no chance I carry on with what was on deck cause that note has already been forced off into the Pacific.

And besides, if you could hear the music my friend's dad created in the late ’90s, you’d feel as peaceful as I'm beginning to feel. It’s a beautiful thing.

You know what, I’m going to give you the top 5 Nelly Furtado songs of All-Time later on in this peace. I mean piece. Hahaha....

Brazilian WHAT?

A variant of COVID-19 is what now?

Wreaking havoc in Vancouver? Did someone just say that? Nah, real-talk? Wreaking havoc...really?

[checks twitter]

Oh, he said “Global Hotspot?”

“Vancouver area has become a global hotspot for P.1 variant that originated in Brazil....”

For me, this is new information and for that we’ll do some research over here and get back to you.

Season Over?

Yeah, if the Canucks are realistically eliminated by the time time heals, no games should be played by those who represent the 604, the 778, the ...

And take a look at what was used there, realistically eliminated. This shouldn’t have to wait for Math to lay down the law. Also, don’t worry about the competitive nature of the game and what it means to be a f*cking athlete cause WE DON’T GIVE A F*ck,

But maybe they do.

No, seriously, maybe they do and for the most part, do so collectively. This has to be stated cause what the f*ck do I really know about those types of decisions regarding not only that level of capital and “professionalism”, but competitiveness itself. That feeling of doing what they do at that level must be constantly twisted up with euphoria. It definitely has to do with the act of the play and the power of fun in our day-to-day lives but that’s a conversation for a vaulted cast taking place in 2 hours at the POSTEDUP studios.

Oh and also, the money. Some of you out there believe they all have plenty and I believe I don’t know sh*t. A fact reiterated during a listen of something from Erika Badu. What did she say again?

“The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing at all.”

Nevertheless, I don’t need “WE GOTTA FINISH STRONG” type hockey here. As stated many times, all the city wants are meaningful games. Enough with the shenanigans.

Let’s say it is over...

Who do the Canucks select with the first overall pick in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft?

Let’s head on over to eliteprospects.cooooooooooooooooom WTF...

Are you serious? Luke Hughes. Is this Qui....holy shi*t it's his brother. This is who that site JD works for has at #1 in their Consolidated Draft Rankings. His damn brother.

This is it. THIS IS IT! You may see Luke Hughes but call me Kyle with the last name Bhawan cause I see Luke HOPE I tell yeah.

Hold up, what does consolidated even mean....

Consolidated: joined together into a coherent, compact, or unified whole.


Anyways, look at this...this kid plays defence too? The Hughes brothers on defence...for your Vancouver Canucks?!?

Plus, I assume he’s been playing for Michigan a ton this season unlike many of the draftees available who probably played little to no games. Right? I think? Nonetheless, if it’s the case, that has to be an advantage in his campaign for the top spot. He’s competed and most importantly been tested way more frequently than some other guys available up there.

Good times await.


Do we need two doses?

Or just one?

Faber said it

I thought it was “Cole” Lind.

Anyways, I'm beginning that phase in my career where I find myself listening to Chris Faber more. Why? Because he watches more hockey than anyone I know. That prestigious award which must have been crafted with some envy, use to belong to the now daddy, Father Beggsy. This was a man who in 2017, was arrested for watching game 6 of the Western Conference Finals while driving his Lamborghini Gallardo on the smooth sea-to-sky pavement. Once bailed out by someone who owed him, I alongside his family presented the certificate at a surprise dinner at that finest establishment in Delta, Cactus Club.

I think “On My Mind” By Jorja Smith and Preditah was the song of the night.

Anyways, Faber, you are living the dream and you have earned my trust. If you are championing Lind then you know for my people, I’ll be reading and viewing anything the second round back from way-back-when has been up to recently. And you should too.

Why? Cause....sPoRtZ and these are your Vancouver Canucks.


This is about to hurt.

*11:37PM / 2021-04-02

Nils Höglander Comparea-problably Not

You watch #36 play the coolest game on earth and can’t help but get reminded of a sliver of what Micheal Jordan displayed in “The Last Dance”.

And no idiot. I’m not typing about his talent, I’m typing about his effort, his determination, his devotion, his relentlessness, his bond with obligation, his engagement with the task at hand, his love for being a burden on the others, his faithfulness with the all gas no brake mentality, his craving to impress, his want for another shift and yeah, and his demand for the puck.

There just something about Nils that has me believing that best is way more bestier than we think.

I mean, he could be Victor Arvidsson but when he’s actually VICTOR Arvidsson level good.


11:59PM / 2021-04-02

What happened at 10pm?


Going to Call Bondi

And if he picks up I’ll publish an episode of that podcast.

Enough said...

About this.

12:01 AM / 2021-04-03

I Just Want To Go Home

Look at me ending this late evening with you talking about myself but dammit, I want to go home. I’m tired and all this news, it’s hurting my soul if I’m continuing to be honest.

This is what happens when the earth continues to be ill and this is what really-really happens when it hits home with your Vancouver Canucks.

The above really is the other side of the unbelievable. The word that that makes daydream’s the best and the word when on again the other side, in reality, delivers lots and lots of real nightmares. the world, ours and yours, one love.

12:39 AM/2021-04-03

Nhoa, Nelly!

Can’t give you the top 5 but I can recommend her first album. Somewhat, I said somewhat, appropriate for a weekend out here on the west and best coast of Canada.

For the fourth time, one love.